The “I Do’s” & “I Don’ts” of Wedding Makeup

Getting ready for a wedding can be daunting, to say the least.  Thankfully the beautiful people at Bridal Guide have taken some of the stress out of planning.

In their most current issue (July/August 2016) there is a fantastic section called “ask david” , by none other than wedding guru David Tutera, that talks about the do’s and don’ts of makeup prep.  We picked our top four do’s and top four don’ts to share with you, but if you’d like to see the full list pick up the most recent issue of Bridal Guide and check out page 58.

Makeup Application with Mary
Makeup Application with Mary

I Do’s

  • Book a Consultation:

WEtv’s star says, “There are usually fees for your consultation, so plan for yours to happen when you have something special going on, or when you can test it out with your dress. Get your money’s worth!”  We at Brush Strokes recommend scheduling your trial run at least two to three weeks before your big day. On the day of the trial run, we charge 50% of the original service amount and on the day of the wedding, we charge the remaining 50% balance.

  • Start Early & Create a Timeline:

The suggestion by Mr. Tutera, “Allow 45 minutes to an hour for your makeup application” and “figure out prep time required for each member of the wedding party…” We suggest working with our makeup stylists when figuring out your timelines. When in our salon we usually set aside at least two hours for makeup application.

  • Think Classic & Bright:

According to David, “Sure, Kim Kardashian’s uber-smoky cat eye and full-on faux lashes looks fab, but in 10 years? Maybe not so much”. We love using Jane Iredale makeup for several reasons, but one of the biggest is because it is great for your skin and it is perfect for creating soft, timeless, and effortless looks.

  • Mascara is Key:

Our guru states “use waterproof mascara. This is bridal-makeup rule number one!”  All of our Jane Iredale mascaras are “water resistant” and are exactly what the wedding planner ordered for your big day!


I Don’ts

  • Don’t Wait:

The host of David Tutera’s CELEBrations discloses, “Book your hair and makeup artists early-about six months in advance.” We couldn’t agree more with this key piece of wedding wisdom! Thankfully we can provide both hair and makeup services for your big day. We also ask that you fill out one of our Bridal Contracts to secure your date, time, and services.

  • Keep it Simple:

David expresses that, “less is more, especially when it comes to your wedding makeup. You still need to look like you.”  This goes back to our “Do” about thinking classic. Let our stylists enhance the already beautiful you on the day of.

  • No “Blah” Shades:

Just like with the dark lipstick, David warns, “those beige and brown-toned lip-colors you wear every day can make you look washed out in photos.” We suggest using a great Jane Iredale product called LipDrink, especially in its new color “flirt”. Not only is it an amazing color, but it also hydrates and keeps your lips looking fresh from first kiss to the farewell send off!

Jane Iredale's LipDrink in Flirt
Jane Iredale’s LipDrink in Flirt New
  • Be Prepared:

The final piece of wisdom Mr. Tutera imparts is, “have a bridal-beauty emergency kit for your maid of honor to keep close by in case anything goes awry.” We can help you set up this kit (at least as far as hair and makeup is concerned). We sell all of the Jane Iredale products we use, as well as some great hairsprays and style aids by Eufora to help keep everything in place!



Now you are prepared for your dream day! If you’d like to view the complete list of “Do’s & Don’ts” pick up the latest issue of Bridal Guide or check out their website

Planning a wedding or know someone who is? Call to set up your Bridal Hair and Makeup services at Brush Strokes Salon (703)435.8002.

Brush Strokes Salon Welcomes…



We would like to welcome Donna to our Brush Strokes team!


She comes to us with over 15 years of experience and skill which makes her one of our senior stylist.


For limited time, Donna is offering her services at our junior level pricing. Call now and schedule an appointment with her between now and January 31st, to receive your introductory price.


Donna’s schedule is as follows:

Thursday: 11am – 7pm

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10am – 6pm


Reserve your appointment today before her schedule fills up!



*Only valid for new guests that have never visited Brush Strokes Salon previously.

**Not valid for returning guests.

***The time of service must be on or before January 31st. No exceptions will be made.


10 Curly Cues

We are on a curly hair kick this month!

Thanks to Eufora, they have come up with 10 Curly Cues to keep your curls looking amazing all day!

Whats better than Eufora, which they happen to be our favorite products to use on curly hair.



Running your hands through your curls and waves disrupts the curl pattern and creates dreaded frizz.



Brushing curls results in a frizzy, dull finish. A wide toothed comb should be your go-to detangling tool.



Freshly cleansed curls should be gently scrunched or blotted with a Eufora microfiber. Never rub dry.

(You can purchase a Eufora microfiber towel at Brush Strokes for $15.50. It will change your life!)



Make a great moisturizing conditioner, such as Curl’n Enhancing Conditioner, your best friend. Hydrated curls are more manageable, soft and shiny.

(Curl’n Enhancing Conditioner – $26.50)



Is your hair fine, frizzy and dull? Or thick, heavy, coarse and manic for moisture? When it comes to curls, one size does not fit all. There are infinite shapes, sizes and textures, so be sure to ask your stylist to help select a daily care regimen perfect for your unique curls.



Curly hair is super vulnerable to damage from hot tools such as blow dryers and flat irons, so allow curls to air dry whenever possible. If you must blow dry, use a diffuser on low or medium heat. Ditto for curling and flat irons.



Every curly girl needs a weekly moisture infusion ritual. Indulge yourself, and make time for a deep conditioning treatment using Curl’n Nourishing Treatment to strengthen, moisturize and keep your curls looking their best.

(Curl’n Nourishing Treatment – $26.50)



The twists and tunnels of curly hair don’t reflect as much light as smooth, straight hair, making curls look dull and dry. For curls that look shiny, healthy and frizz free, add a great shine product such as Smooth’n Oil Therapy to your hair care regimen.

(Smooth’n Oil Therapy – $39)



Curls thrive on that personal touch when it comes to styling, so “cocktailing” products can create some of the best styling and finishing solutions. Add a bit of Smooth’n Oil Therapy or Pure Polish to Forming Cream to amp up frizz control, manageability and shine. Combine Sculpture and Illuminate for super shiny, soft control with a boost of color protection! Experiment and invent your unique curly cocktail.

(Pure Polish – $30.50, Forming Cream – $26)



Keeping curly hair well-manicured will help eliminate frizzy ends, and an expert cut will ensure you make the most of your personal curl pattern and texture.






Sweater weather is here!

Who doesn’t love fall; all the beautiful colors, the cooler weather and getting to snuggle in front of a cozy fire! Its about that time that everyone starts turning off their A/C and turning on their heat. It’s also the season that your skin and hair become a little sad with lack of moisture.

Have you noticed that your scratching at your scalp a little more? Or that your skin seems to scream it needs more lotion? This is the most important time to stock up on some great hydrating products to keep your skin and hair loving you.

Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs are just what your needing!



Eufora created the Beautifying Elixirs to help cure damaged hair but its also great to keep you hair moisturized. Check out the science behind your new life/hair saver on their website.

You’ll thank us once your purchase you first Beautifying Elixir product!

Home Remedies

Hair masques are a huge part of your beauty routine. (If it isn’t, you need to add it to your list of priorities!) Shampoos and conditioners are great and help your hair in so many ways but they will never compare to the greatness that an amazing masque can do for you hair. A hair masque typically contains more potent nourishing components that penetrate your hair even deeper than a conditioner can.

There are so many masques on the shelves, it’s hard to determine what is best for your hair and what you will like. Ready-made masques are most defiantly the easiest way to go but they can get a little pricey depending on the product. I have many masques on my list that are absolutely amazing, including Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque. It contains Eufora’s Damage Control Complex, which is an ultra rich treatment that restores the hair.

When your looking to save money, there are some common household items that can turn your hair from drab to fab in 20 minutes! You can combine items to create a do-all type masque or create more unique treatments for one condition.

Eggs Whites & Egg Yolks. Amazingly, eggs are one of the best home remedies for all hair types. Eggs are full of great vitamins that protect your hair from heat and the environment. There have been studies that also show that using an egg hair masque will contribute to the prevention of hair loss or thinning. Eggs will make your hair more manageable, silkier, softer and less frizzy.

Honey. If you happen to have hair that suffers from sun damage, then honey is the best option for you. Honey has is a natural humectant and this means that moisture is drawn to it and it locks that moisture in.

Kefir. Many people may not know what kefir is, kefir is a product made from fermenting milk. Weird, right? Because it has a thicker consistency to it, it creates a perfect hair masque for anyone that has extremely bad breakage. It helps protect your hair from breaking off after any damage and prolonged usages helps protect your hair from furniture breakage.

Sour Cream & Plain Yogurt. When you spend a lot of time outside, you may not realize that the environment may be causes damage to you hair leaving it very dull. The sun is a big one! Those UV rays are not friends with your hair! Adding sour cream or plain yogurt to your masque will help strip away all the impurities and toxins from you hair.

Baking Soda. If your like me, then you love your hairspray and texturing spray. Those two products are the most amazing products that you can have in your collection! (I may be a little bias.) However, when you use a ton of products in your hair you can create buildup, which leaves your hair feeling grimy. Baking soda is a great way to clarify your hair. We recommend to clarify your hair at least once a month to keep your hair clean.

Cornstarch. Now, using cornstarch can be a little tricky because it can be very difficult. When its used properly, it also acts like a clarifying agent. It strips everything and anything in your hair. You may not want to use it very often because it can be abrasive. If you suffer from oily scalp, cornstarch is a great way to neutralize it.

Lemon Juice. There are so many uses for lemon juice! One use would be that it relieves an itchy scalp. When you use lemon juice, you want to make sure to pair with something a little thicker (like an egg!) to protect your “new” skin.

Beer. AAAAHHH! I know you’re thinking, WHAT! But its true, beer is a good addictive to your hair home remedies. Its great for limp or fine hair. It thickens and plumps up your hair strand giving you a voluminous look.

Tea Tree. Many professional products use tea tree in their products. It has many benefits and it’s usually prescribed for clients that suffer from dandruff or psoriasis. The mint helps calm an irritated scalp and clarify the toxins off your scalp. It’s also considered and antiseptic and its a great brush cleaner.

Avocado Oil. Did you know that when your hair is dry, it becomes a static mess? Avocado oil is perfect solution! It contains many moisturizing components to it and also has vitamin A, which also helps reduce dryness.

Castor Oil. Your probably thinking, really? Castor oil, no. But its true! Castor oil is great if you have a lot of dandruff and very dull hair. It soothes and smooths your hair.

Olive Oil. There are quite of bit of professional products that contain olive oil because its a great product that helps keep all those pesky split ends at bay. Now, it’s a myth that you can mend split ends back together but olive oil will help your from splitting more.

Flax Oil. Who likes their natural hair color, unless your white blonde? No one, that’s who! When you color your hair there will be some chemical damage to your hair because your opening up your hair cuticle. Flax oil would be an amazing additive to your treatment because it helps repair extremely damaged hair and chemical damages.



Earth Day 2015!

Earth Day is right around the corner! Have you thought of the importance of this day?

We have. And so have our most beloved brands as well.

We don’t know how relevant it is to you, but to us, a brand that calls itself clean has to have clean ingredient, but we love it even more when they take it a step further.

 Take Jane Iredale, for instance. We already love them for the amazing products they have to offer, but here are a few fun facts on just how much further they go for the environment:

1. Their new building is under application to receive a LEED Gold Award from the US Green Building Council.

2. They have a community garden, where food for their employees and their families is grown.

3. Their makeup is eco-friendly!


As for Eufora. Well, Eufora uses 75% pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera in all its products! That alone guarantees amazing results, but there is more.

1. All their products are free from added water, fragrance and dyes.

2. Along with Aloe Vera, Eufora products utilize the most advanced botanical ingredients available, as well as pure essential oils to fragrance all products for an aromatherapy experience.

3. They don’t use synthetic fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic ingredients in any of our products.


What do you expect from brands labeling themselves as eco-friendly? And which changes are you making to celebrate Earth Day?

The real price of products

If there’s one thing we know is that “no 2 products are the same”. That goes for high end and drug stores brands. People always ask us what the difference between our products and the ones at drugstores is:

We only carry products we are passionate about in our salon, be it skincare, makeup or hair. Our products have great quality ingredients, and are created by people who are equally passionate about your health and the results their products deliver.

True, our products cost more than your average shampoo or eyeshadow at the drugstore. There is a reason for that, believe it or not.

I know we always refer to Skin Deep’s site, but simply type your brand and see for yourself. Your $3 eyeshadow from the drugstore is very cheap, and does the job. We believe in that too. But what else is it doing for you?

It’s no secret that there are multiple harmful chemicals in most brands. Regulations are not as tough for cosmetics as they are for drugs and food. You can check it herehere and here for more information about all the harmful chemicals you add to your body when you use your $3 eyeshadow, or your nail polish.

We hope these statistics and links helped you to get a little more acquainted with your own products. Do learn the ingredients, the chemicals and effects it may have on you and your overall health. We believe in our clients looking their best inside and out. And that means standing behind brands that do not use these harmful ingredients!

Thanksgiving Special!

Hi everyone!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and to celebrate it we are offering 10% off of all Eufora products on their old packaging!


Eufora just went through this amazing re-branding, and all packaging is now new! We still currently hold some products with the old packaging, and it’s your chance to score some deals! All products are now being offered in smaller sizes. So it’s the last chance for you to get styling products, shampoos and conditioner on their 10oz and 25oz packages.

Also, some of the refills offered have changed – such as your Styling Glaze and Fortify. So it’s your chance to get them at the same price as a refill!

So stop by, from today November 19th until next Wednesday November 26th and get your hands on those discounted items! Limited offer until supplies last.


Here’s an idea of the deals you can score: Beautifying Serum, Styling glaze, tons of styling products, shampoos and conditioners!


Education, education, education

We take education in the salon very seriously. And so should you!

It is super important for your stylist to get continuous education throughout her professional life. Some clients wonder why – considering the lines in the salon haven’t switched, and no new products added.

Well, we figured we’d take the time to fully explain why education is the core of Brush Strokes.


1. Formulas are constantly evolving

Lines may remain the same, but products are constantly being reformulated to work even better for you and your hair. Just look back at a few years ago, when straightening was the main option. There were so many harsh chemicals involved in it! New, more effective and safe products have come out, and with it, a new set of techniques, formulas and upkeep. It’s important for the stylist to be knowledgeable about all of them to better explain that to his/her guest.


2. New techniques are always being discovered

Yes, doing what was done 30 years ago to get curls achieved the desired results, but there are plenty of different techniques around. Different ways to cut, different ways to style, color, etc. It’s important to experience what is out there – if not for your own growth, do it for your guest. His/her hair type, maintenance at home, lifestyle may influence which technique you should use to achieve the results they want.


3. Your guest knows more than you think

Guests today have access to a lot more information then before. And trust us, when we say there is a lot of misinformation floating around. It’s easy for a guest to think they know what’s best, but it’s your responsibility to have the knowledge to point them in the right direction. This is not one of these ” fake it ’till you make it” situations. Your guest will know if you are not certain of the technique they are talking about. If you don’t know it, make it your goal to research it. There’s no such think as too much knowledge in the hair industry.


4. You may be working for over 30 years, but you don’t know it all

In this industry you have to be proud of the work you do in your guests. You are responsible for a very sensitive and important part of their lives: their image. But at the same time you have to be humble enough to know other professionals may know a thing or two better than you.

Tame time to go to classes, talk to other stylists, appreciate their work. Trust in your reps and ask questions. Bring them into the salon and introduce products to any new stylists. You won’t believe how much they yearn for education. To know the ins and outs of the brands you love and carry in your salon – and to share them with your guests.




Just now we are having a thorough education class with our beloved rep Sandy, from Beautyscope. She is telling us all about the Eufora lines. What works best for each hair, what products to recommend for what guests. This is priceless.

So if we could give you one advice to follow when looking for a hair stylist it is: find one that is always keeping up with the industry. Chances are, you’ll be pointed out in the best direction for your cut, color, and any specific concern.



May Giveaways!

Hi, everyone!


We are back with some AMAZING giveaways at the salon for the month of May. Don’t believe us, just keep on reading for all the good stuff!


Week 1 – $67 value (the drawing will take place on 5/10)


Includes: Smooth xtend Magic Potion with Keratin (great to apply on your hair and help with the blow drying), Jane Iredale Eyeshadow in Pink Smoke (amazing color for Spring!) and Jane Iredale multi-gloss 2 (with amazing variety of lip colors for different occasions and moods).



Week 2 – $ 78.40 value (the drawing will take place on 5/17)


Includes: Eufora Body Blends Lotion ( great to keep your skin moisturized in the summertime), Jane Iredale Eyeshadow in Lilac Haze (another great spring color!), Jane Iredale Mascara in Ripe Plum.



Week 3 – $ 81 value ( drawing will take place on 5/24)



Includes: 2oz. Eufora Beautifying Serum (THE best serum to apply to your hair before using heat, to leave it shiny and free of friz), Innovative Skincare Daily Cleanser (the most basic item – and the most important – on your daily skin care routine) and one extra Innovative skin care sample).



Week 4 – $ 144 value (drawing will take place on 5/31)



Includes: Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Trio in Sea Foam ( gorgeous colors for spring/summer!), Jane Iredale chubby Stick in Luscious ( delivers beautiful color, without drying out your lip), as well as either a Lash serum or Eyebrow serum ( great results on longer, thicker lashes/eyebrows).



Month $ 272.50 value ( drawing will take place on 5/31)



Includes: Eufora Volumizing Starter Kit ( all you need to add body and volume to you hair), a complimentary eyebrow wax with our stylist Ginger, Eufora Hero Exceptional Shave balm (for that special man in your life!), Jane Iredale’s Glimmer Gift box ( an amazing all in one place for those products that will add a beautiful glow to your look: lip and cheek stain, 24-karat powder in champagne, Lip Stain, and a miniature fan brush), Innovative Skincare’s Eclipse SPF 50+ (nothing short of perfect for the upcoming sunny seasons!) and Instant Smoothing Gel ( packed with anti-oxidants, this gel delivers amazing smoothing and tightening results).


Disclaimers/ Details of giveaway.

– Visit our salon for any hair services or facials and you will automatically be entered! ( laser clients in between/ starting a package bought through Specialicious/ Living Social not eligible for the drawings).

– All clients are eligible for one drawing only.

– Clients that did not win their weekly giveaway will be added to the month’s giveaway drawing.

– All prizes must be picked up at the salon.

– In the event of a male client winning the giveaway, he will have the option of taking home Eufora’s Hero Scalp Regimen instead of the weekly prize.


Please contact us to make your appointment today and have a chance to win these amazing products!