If there’s one thing we know is that “no 2 products are the same”. That goes for high end and drug stores brands. People always ask us what the difference between our products and the ones at drugstores is:

We only carry products we are passionate about in our salon, be it skincare, makeup or hair. Our products have great quality ingredients, and are created by people who are equally passionate about your health and the results their products deliver.

True, our products cost more than your average shampoo or eyeshadow at the drugstore. There is a reason for that, believe it or not.

I know we always refer to Skin Deep’s site, but simply type your brand and see for yourself. Your $3 eyeshadow from the drugstore is very cheap, and does the job. We believe in that too. But what else is it doing for you?

It’s no secret that there are multiple harmful chemicals in most brands. Regulations are not as tough for cosmetics as they are for drugs and food. You can check it herehere and here for more information about all the harmful chemicals you add to your body when you use your $3 eyeshadow, or your nail polish.

We hope these statistics and links helped you to get a little more acquainted with your own products. Do learn the ingredients, the chemicals and effects it may have on you and your overall health. We believe in our clients looking their best inside and out. And that means standing behind brands that do not use these harmful ingredients!