Salon Policies


We cannot wait to see you at Brush Strokes Salon. In order to reserve an appointment for first time clients or for services that take 2+ hours, a credit card will be required to reserve your space. By entering or giving us your credit card information at the time of booking you agree to our cancellation and no show terms you agree to the card of file being charged. If for any reason we are unable to provide your requested service due to the condition of your hair, we require half of the original service to be paid; unless we are able to accommodate you with a different service.

Appointment reminders are sent via email or text one (1) week before your scheduled appointment. Conformation requests are made by email or text three (3) days before. We ask that you confirm your appointments by one of these means or by calling the salon directly.

Should you need to cancel, reschedule, or make a change to your existing appointment, you may do so by email, phone, and/or voicemail at 703.435.8002. We are not responsible for cancellation requests attempted but not made, requests texted, or requests sent to the wrong email address.


We understand that emergencies happen, and are sometimes unavoidable, and we take those instances into account. Please give a 48-hour advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We ask that you please understand that, in the event of a missed appointment (no-show) or last-minute cancellation, we most likely are unable to utilize this time for other clients. Therefore, you will be charged 50 % of the scheduled service. If you cancel or reschedule an appointment after the required 48-hour notice three (3) times within a period of six (6) months, you will be required to prepay for all future appointments.

Late Arrivals

Please be aware in the unfortunate event that you are late by 15 minutes or more, we cannot guarantee that your service will be performed that day. Tardiness may require rescheduling your appointment for another day. We work very hard to schedule the right amount of time for each service. Accommodating late guests if often impossible without disrupting every other guest scheduled that day.

Guests & Children

Due to limited space and for the comfort of all clients, guests, including children not being serviced are not permitted in the salon. Guests arriving with children not being serviced will be asked to reschedule and will be subject to our Cancellation Policy.

We offer salon services for those 5 years and older, provided the child is salon ready, meaning they can sit still and handle a professional salon service. If a child becomes disruptive during their appointment, the service will immediately stop and the parent will still be responsible for the full cost of the appointment. Please contact the salon at 703.435.8002 if you are interested in having your child become a client at Brush Strokes Salon. For clients aged 5- 15 years old, we require one parent or guardian to stay during the duration of the appointment, with no additional children or guests. Our waiting area is very small and reserved for clients arriving early, waiting to be serviced, and for staff breaks.

Refunds & Returns

If you are not satisfied with the results of your salon service, due to a possible error by us, please contact the salon within 24 hours of your appointment. We will ask you to return to the salon for your hair to be visually assessed within 3 business days of your appointment, and are able to provide a onetime complimentary adjustment within two weeks of your appointment date if there is an error. We do not offer refunds on salon services.

Opened products can only be returned for part of the original cost in salon credit with the approval of ownership. We are unable to offer full refunds on open products at this time. Brush Strokes will return any & all funds of any unused gift cards within 30 days of purchase per request. Any used gift cards are not eligible for return.

Pricing & Gratuities

Pricing at Brush Strokes Salon is based on the average amount it takes to perform the desired service, products used to complete the service and the level of skill required to perform the service. Prices listed may be increased based on length, density, preparation work performed by our staff, and if additional time or product are needed to perform the service. Prices are subject to change without notice. If you have specific questions on pricing, please inquire prior to being serviced. For color services, we are able to give close estimates only, not definite prices before the service is completed.

Gratuities are greatly appreciated and appropriate when you feel you have received excellent service. Cash, personal checks, and Venmo are welcome. Unfortunately, we are unable to add gratuities to credit cards. We accept all credit card types, cash, personal checks & Brush Strokes Gift Cards as forms of payment.