The “I Do’s” & “I Don’ts” of Wedding Makeup

Getting ready for a wedding can be daunting, to say the least.  Thankfully the beautiful people at Bridal Guide have taken some of the stress out of planning.

In their most current issue (July/August 2016) there is a fantastic section called “ask david” , by none other than wedding guru David Tutera, that talks about the do’s and don’ts of makeup prep.  We picked our top four do’s and top four don’ts to share with you, but if you’d like to see the full list pick up the most recent issue of Bridal Guide and check out page 58.

Makeup Application with Mary
Makeup Application with Mary

I Do’s

  • Book a Consultation:

WEtv’s star says, “There are usually fees for your consultation, so plan for yours to happen when you have something special going on, or when you can test it out with your dress. Get your money’s worth!”  We at Brush Strokes recommend scheduling your trial run at least two to three weeks before your big day. On the day of the trial run, we charge 50% of the original service amount and on the day of the wedding, we charge the remaining 50% balance.

  • Start Early & Create a Timeline:

The suggestion by Mr. Tutera, “Allow 45 minutes to an hour for your makeup application” and “figure out prep time required for each member of the wedding party…” We suggest working with our makeup stylists when figuring out your timelines. When in our salon we usually set aside at least two hours for makeup application.

  • Think Classic & Bright:

According to David, “Sure, Kim Kardashian’s uber-smoky cat eye and full-on faux lashes looks fab, but in 10 years? Maybe not so much”. We love using Jane Iredale makeup for several reasons, but one of the biggest is because it is great for your skin and it is perfect for creating soft, timeless, and effortless looks.

  • Mascara is Key:

Our guru states “use waterproof mascara. This is bridal-makeup rule number one!”  All of our Jane Iredale mascaras are “water resistant” and are exactly what the wedding planner ordered for your big day!


I Don’ts

  • Don’t Wait:

The host of David Tutera’s CELEBrations discloses, “Book your hair and makeup artists early-about six months in advance.” We couldn’t agree more with this key piece of wedding wisdom! Thankfully we can provide both hair and makeup services for your big day. We also ask that you fill out one of our Bridal Contracts to secure your date, time, and services.

  • Keep it Simple:

David expresses that, “less is more, especially when it comes to your wedding makeup. You still need to look like you.”  This goes back to our “Do” about thinking classic. Let our stylists enhance the already beautiful you on the day of.

  • No “Blah” Shades:

Just like with the dark lipstick, David warns, “those beige and brown-toned lip-colors you wear every day can make you look washed out in photos.” We suggest using a great Jane Iredale product called LipDrink, especially in its new color “flirt”. Not only is it an amazing color, but it also hydrates and keeps your lips looking fresh from first kiss to the farewell send off!

Jane Iredale's LipDrink in Flirt
Jane Iredale’s LipDrink in Flirt New
  • Be Prepared:

The final piece of wisdom Mr. Tutera imparts is, “have a bridal-beauty emergency kit for your maid of honor to keep close by in case anything goes awry.” We can help you set up this kit (at least as far as hair and makeup is concerned). We sell all of the Jane Iredale products we use, as well as some great hairsprays and style aids by Eufora to help keep everything in place!



Now you are prepared for your dream day! If you’d like to view the complete list of “Do’s & Don’ts” pick up the latest issue of Bridal Guide or check out their website

Planning a wedding or know someone who is? Call to set up your Bridal Hair and Makeup services at Brush Strokes Salon (703)435.8002.

Jane Iredale’s Beauty Beyond Contest
Property of Jane Iredale


Who inspires you? Who gave you the gift of beauty?


Jane Iredale wants to know about the women in your life who empowered you and made you into what you are today. Click the link to enter for you chance to win $1,000 worth of makeup and a personal makeup consultation and application for you and a guest!

Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day!

Do you want that GOOD GLOW?

Introducing The Good Glow Collection from Jane Iredale!


The Good Glow Collection brings together Jane’s best selling products for cheeks, eyes and lips, to enhance your natural radiance as it soothes and protects the skin. Released date set for the first week in May. Visit Jane Iredale’s website for more information!

Blend and layer each bronzer to get your desired look on the face and body.
Mix and match all three bronzers to create a personalized look for every occasion!

Rose Dawn Bronzer contains luminous pink and copper shades.
Sunbeam Bronzer contains cool pink and bronze shades.
Moonglow Golden Bronzer contains warm golden shades.

Flirt LipDrink Lip Balm is a new peachy-pink shade that looks great with any skin tone!
LipDrink is an effective broad spectrum SPF 15 lip balm to help protect your lips and it contains rich antioxidants to soothe your lips.
LipDrink is also available in Sheer, Buff and Crush

Stop in the salon during the month of May to pick up your bronzers and LipDrink lip balms. While you’re in, stock up on the Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen for your face, scalp and body to protect your skin from those harsh sun rays during the warmer months.

**Bronzers available as refills only – compact sold separately.
Bronze Refills – $44
LipDrink – $15.00
Refillable Compact – $18

Blink of a Smoky Eye

Jane Iredale has released two new amazing products.

– Blink in a Smoky Eye Kit – Its a beautifully created kit with 5 eye shadow colors and 3 contouring colors to create an endless amount of day or night time smoky eyes. Also included is an instruction booklet on how to create the perfect smoky eye.

– Forever Red Just Kissed Cheek and Lip Stain – Before they released the Forever Red, there was only Forever Peach, which was a huge hit! There are many great things about these Just Kissed Cheek and Lip stain! They double for a blush stain which will last all day. Also, the color will change or adjust according to the chemistry in your skin, so it doesn’t look the same on every person. It adjusts to your skin tone to make sure that the color pops with your skin!

Stop by the salon to pick up one or both products while they’re still here!

*Supplies are limited.


Here’s a great video tutorial from their you-tube channel.


Jane Iredale’s discontinuing products

Effective in December, Jane Iredale will be making the transition to PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation Refills and and their NEW empty rose gold Refillable PurePressed compact only. Eliminating pre-filled PurePressed compacts entirely.

This choice is incredibly wise and eco-friendly which we here at Brush Strokes stand behind. This is an exciting new step for Jane Iredale and we hope that you share their excitement.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact to us at any time. We will be happy to assist you with finding your correct PurePressed color.


Earth Day 2015!

Earth Day is right around the corner! Have you thought of the importance of this day?

We have. And so have our most beloved brands as well.

We don’t know how relevant it is to you, but to us, a brand that calls itself clean has to have clean ingredient, but we love it even more when they take it a step further.

 Take Jane Iredale, for instance. We already love them for the amazing products they have to offer, but here are a few fun facts on just how much further they go for the environment:

1. Their new building is under application to receive a LEED Gold Award from the US Green Building Council.

2. They have a community garden, where food for their employees and their families is grown.

3. Their makeup is eco-friendly!


As for Eufora. Well, Eufora uses 75% pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera in all its products! That alone guarantees amazing results, but there is more.

1. All their products are free from added water, fragrance and dyes.

2. Along with Aloe Vera, Eufora products utilize the most advanced botanical ingredients available, as well as pure essential oils to fragrance all products for an aromatherapy experience.

3. They don’t use synthetic fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic ingredients in any of our products.


What do you expect from brands labeling themselves as eco-friendly? And which changes are you making to celebrate Earth Day?

Jane Iredale is an Industry Innovator!

We just received the new Spring issue of New Beauty magazine. This issue is all about their 10th anniversary! To celebrate, they have a section dedicated to the Beauty Industry’s top 10 Innovators.

We were so happy to see Jane Iredale was picked as the Innovator for the Makeup category. As you all know, and maybe are tired of hearing, we are true fans.

Here are a few points highlighted on why she got the award:

1. Jane Iredale created the first real mineral makeup line, in 1994.

2. She realized there was a lack of makeup the was good for the skin in the market. Makeup that had true skin-care benefits. That’s when the idea of Jane Iredale came to be.

3. To know whether your makeup is made out of pure minerals, and not fillers, make sure Minerals, zinc oxide and mica are the top ingredients. The quality of ingredients is also a great concern.

4. Her most prided product is the Pressed Powder, which is a foundation, powder, sunscreen and concealer all in one.

5. Plastic Surgeons are still one of her biggest supporters. Jane Iredale products are so pure that they can be used after all procedures, including peeling, to nourish the skin and cover up any bruising.

6. Most ingredients used are plant extracts, mostly certified organic and sourced from Europe.

Not only are we so excited to see that the industry recognizes just how great our products are, they value the fact that their ingredients are amazing too. Nowadays consumers are tuned into what ingredients go on their skincare, makeup, and food. It’s not only just about the results, but about what products you put on your skin, and what they can do for you.

We are excited about this change, and proud to stand behind such an amazing brand.

In fact, Jane Iredale also received a Best of Beauty Award for having the best bronzer in the market “This

pretty bronzer gives the face that “I just got back from vacation” glow with the slightest hint of shimmer. $42,”.



To get more information, look into page 094 of the Spring Issue of New Beauty Magazine, and visit Jane Iredale’s website under ” about us”.

The real price of products

If there’s one thing we know is that “no 2 products are the same”. That goes for high end and drug stores brands. People always ask us what the difference between our products and the ones at drugstores is:

We only carry products we are passionate about in our salon, be it skincare, makeup or hair. Our products have great quality ingredients, and are created by people who are equally passionate about your health and the results their products deliver.

True, our products cost more than your average shampoo or eyeshadow at the drugstore. There is a reason for that, believe it or not.

I know we always refer to Skin Deep’s site, but simply type your brand and see for yourself. Your $3 eyeshadow from the drugstore is very cheap, and does the job. We believe in that too. But what else is it doing for you?

It’s no secret that there are multiple harmful chemicals in most brands. Regulations are not as tough for cosmetics as they are for drugs and food. You can check it herehere and here for more information about all the harmful chemicals you add to your body when you use your $3 eyeshadow, or your nail polish.

We hope these statistics and links helped you to get a little more acquainted with your own products. Do learn the ingredients, the chemicals and effects it may have on you and your overall health. We believe in our clients looking their best inside and out. And that means standing behind brands that do not use these harmful ingredients!

The 5 minute face

If there’s one thing most people would like to have more of, it’s time. With more time we can do everything: clean the house, exercise, sleep!, work, finish that last page of the book. Possibilities are endless.


More and more people have been navigating towards a hassle free makeup routine. One that will make you look presentable and put together, but that will still allow you to hit the snooze button on your alarm, or will allow you to get ready at a minute’s notice.

We figured we could help out, sharing with you our own 5 minute face.


1// Moisturize

Depending on your skin type and needs you may need more than this, but most people could double up their primer as a moisturizer. With ingredients such as Grapefruit, orange and apple extract as well as aloe vera, Smooth Affair is the perfect candidate. It has anti-aging properties that even skin tone, minimize the appearance of pores and increase luminosity.



2// Protect

Sunscreen is a must on every person’s routine. No matter what your skin tone you have. If you want to be faster, you can opt for Dream Tint, a Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15. If you need more than that, add your own liquid sunscreen then.



3// Cover

This step depends on how much coverage you prefer. We prefer a shearer application, so we turn into the Liquid Minerals foundation. It’s lightweight, but still powerful enough to cover dark spots.


If you need more coverage, opt for the Glow Time BB Cream, which also contains a SPF 25.b2ap3_thumbnail_JI_GlowTime.jpg

4// Add color

This step is what takes some time, usually. But there are a few products that may cut your time in half. Opt for double duty products, such as the Just Kissed lip and cheek stain. They can be applied, as the name says, on both lips and cheeks and will last you the whole day!


For the eyes, opt for something fast like the Eye Shere. They can be used on their own (just add them to your lid and blend towards the eyebrows) or as a base, for days where you’re not in a rush. We absolutely love the Brown and the Bronze.


For mascara, we love the Longest LashThickening and Lenghtening Mascara. For daytime we usually choose brown (navy is also amazing!), but we bump it up to black for night outs.



5// Brows

A lot of people skip this step – but we would not! You don’t have to spend hours fixing them, but they deserve a nice coat of color to stand out. For that opt for the PureBrow Gels. If they are full enough you can just use the clear to tame them, or opt for the Blonde or Brunette, to tame and fill in one swipe.



There you have it! Of course if your skin needs a lot more coverage for spots, or acne, then just add, or remove, products according to your preference.


What are your 5 minute face products?


*All images used are from Jane Iredale’s website.

Spring Looks with Jane Iredale

Spring has sprung! And with it, a ton of Spring makeup looks have popped up everywhere.

Spring is one of our favorite makeup seasons. Every artist takes on the beautiful Spring colors seen on trees, birds, flowers, as inspiration. And with that, we have a mixture of pastel, of soft earth tones, of bold colors, richer purples/pinks. There truly is a plethora to choose from.

And with this mindset, they picked out a few examples of what has been seen on the runway and listed the products you can use to achieve it. We’d love to share this with you!



If you’re trying to achieve this look, and more, head over to their makeup blog!