We just received the new Spring issue of New Beauty magazine. This issue is all about their 10th anniversary! To celebrate, they have a section dedicated to the Beauty Industry’s top 10 Innovators.

We were so happy to see Jane Iredale was picked as the Innovator for the Makeup category. As you all know, and maybe are tired of hearing, we are true fans.

Here are a few points highlighted on why she got the award:

1. Jane Iredale created the first real mineral makeup line, in 1994.

2. She realized there was a lack of makeup the was good for the skin in the market. Makeup that had true skin-care benefits. That’s when the idea of Jane Iredale came to be.

3. To know whether your makeup is made out of pure minerals, and not fillers, make sure Minerals, zinc oxide and mica are the top ingredients. The quality of ingredients is also a great concern.

4. Her most prided product is the Pressed Powder, which is a foundation, powder, sunscreen and concealer all in one.

5. Plastic Surgeons are still one of her biggest supporters. Jane Iredale products are so pure that they can be used after all procedures, including peeling, to nourish the skin and cover up any bruising.

6. Most ingredients used are plant extracts, mostly certified organic and sourced from Europe.

Not only are we so excited to see that the industry recognizes just how great our products are, they value the fact that their ingredients are amazing too. Nowadays consumers are tuned into what ingredients go on their skincare, makeup, and food. It’s not only just about the results, but about what products you put on your skin, and what they can do for you.

We are excited about this change, and proud to stand behind such an amazing brand.

In fact, Jane Iredale also received a Best of Beauty Award for having the best bronzer in the market “This

pretty bronzer gives the face that “I just got back from vacation” glow with the slightest hint of shimmer. $42,”.



To get more information, look into page 094 of the Spring Issue of New Beauty Magazine, and visit Jane Iredale’s website under ” about us”.