If there’s one thing most people would like to have more of, it’s time. With more time we can do everything: clean the house, exercise, sleep!, work, finish that last page of the book. Possibilities are endless.


More and more people have been navigating towards a hassle free makeup routine. One that will make you look presentable and put together, but that will still allow you to hit the snooze button on your alarm, or will allow you to get ready at a minute’s notice.

We figured we could help out, sharing with you our own 5 minute face.


1// Moisturize

Depending on your skin type and needs you may need more than this, but most people could double up their primer as a moisturizer. With ingredients such as Grapefruit, orange and apple extract as well as aloe vera, Smooth Affair is the perfect candidate. It has anti-aging properties that even skin tone, minimize the appearance of pores and increase luminosity.



2// Protect

Sunscreen is a must on every person’s routine. No matter what your skin tone you have. If you want to be faster, you can opt for Dream Tint, a Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15. If you need more than that, add your own liquid sunscreen then.



3// Cover

This step depends on how much coverage you prefer. We prefer a shearer application, so we turn into the Liquid Minerals foundation. It’s lightweight, but still powerful enough to cover dark spots.


If you need more coverage, opt for the Glow Time BB Cream, which also contains a SPF 25.b2ap3_thumbnail_JI_GlowTime.jpg

4// Add color

This step is what takes some time, usually. But there are a few products that may cut your time in half. Opt for double duty products, such as the Just Kissed lip and cheek stain. They can be applied, as the name says, on both lips and cheeks and will last you the whole day!


For the eyes, opt for something fast like the Eye Shere. They can be used on their own (just add them to your lid and blend towards the eyebrows) or as a base, for days where you’re not in a rush. We absolutely love the Brown and the Bronze.


For mascara, we love the Longest LashThickening and Lenghtening Mascara. For daytime we usually choose brown (navy is also amazing!), but we bump it up to black for night outs.



5// Brows

A lot of people skip this step – but we would not! You don’t have to spend hours fixing them, but they deserve a nice coat of color to stand out. For that opt for the PureBrow Gels. If they are full enough you can just use the clear to tame them, or opt for the Blonde or Brunette, to tame and fill in one swipe.



There you have it! Of course if your skin needs a lot more coverage for spots, or acne, then just add, or remove, products according to your preference.


What are your 5 minute face products?


*All images used are from Jane Iredale’s website.