The “I Do’s” & “I Don’ts” of Wedding Makeup

Getting ready for a wedding can be daunting, to say the least.  Thankfully the beautiful people at Bridal Guide have taken some of the stress out of planning. In their most current issue (July/August 2016) there is a fantastic section called “ask david” , by none other than wedding guru David Tutera, that talks about […]

Concealer How-to

Have you ever wondered how to best cover your pimples? Or those pesky under eye bags? You’ve probably heard of the power of concealer then. But concealers aren’t just for this. They have multiple uses, multiple colors, and formulas. There are tips and tricks on how to put it on, where to put it on, […]

Caring for your False Eyelash

Not many people wear false eyelashes daily. Most of them prefer to wear them in special occasions, and more often than not they end up in the bin after one use. The reason? We don’t always know how to properly clean them. It ends up in a tangled mess with glue, mascara and leftover eyeliner […]

Is makeup affecting your life?

Working in the beauty industry, it is pretty much required that you show up to work with your hair and makeup done. We also believe that no matter where you work, you should be putting your best face forward too. There are 2 types of makeup loving people: 1. The ones that put makeup on […]

The 5 minute face

If there’s one thing most people would like to have more of, it’s time. With more time we can do everything: clean the house, exercise, sleep!, work, finish that last page of the book. Possibilities are endless.   More and more people have been navigating towards a hassle free makeup routine. One that will make […]

Spring Looks with Jane Iredale

Spring has sprung! And with it, a ton of Spring makeup looks have popped up everywhere. Spring is one of our favorite makeup seasons. Every artist takes on the beautiful Spring colors seen on trees, birds, flowers, as inspiration. And with that, we have a mixture of pastel, of soft earth tones, of bold colors, […]

The problem with the Instagram Brows

Makeup artist and Youtube Guru Wayne Goss is known for his great makeup tutorials and tips. This week on a conference he tackled the problem with today’s Instagram brows. You know the ones, where the tip is not filled and the ends are dark and perfectly shaped. via The days of the instagram brows are […]

City Nights Collection

Jane Iredale did it again. We absolutely love the new Fall 2014 collection that they just came out with. It’s already a huge success with our clients, so we wanted to share it with all of you. Naturally, this collection was inspired by the rich autumn colors. There’s no shortage of boldness in the City […]

Mascara tricks for sensitive eyes

Some people are more sensitive to products than others – after all, no two skins are made the same. We’ve recently had clients with very sensitive eyes complain that they can never find a mascara that won’t make their eyes water and redden. Granted, we do advise that you read carefully all the ingredients in […]

Highlight trick for lips

Hi, everyone!   We found this little ” trick” on Pinterest, and wanted to share it with you. We use it all the time to achieve the perfect highlighted, dewy pout.   via Drugstore Princess. original divine caroline There are many ways and variations to this technique. A lot of people add a dab of […]