Easy Cat eye Trick

Hi everyone! We’ve gotten tons of snow, so we had to close for the day.


Hope everyone is safe, warm and with power! Have any of you enjoyed the outside? We stayed in and decided that there was no better way to spend this snow day then to share the promised cat eye trick with you!

Here we go, it’s really simple, just 3 steps! And all you need are 2 pieces of tape and your favorite eyeliner in the color you want.



Start with all your eyeshadow look already done (here we were working with a very light shimmery champagne shade and a matte brown on the crease for a soft definition).


Step 1: b2ap3_thumbnail_step1.jpg

Glue a piece of tape from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. You can always change the placement of the tape, but doing this one will give you a flattering thick line.


Step 2: b2ap3_thumbnail_step2.jpg

Glue a second piece of tape all the way from the inside of your lid to the end of your eyebrow. As you can see the tapes meet at the brow, creating the perfect tip for your cat eye. This is super important. The liner will only work if your tapes are meeting at the end.


Step 3: 


Fill in the space on your lid with your eyeliner. As you can see you don’t have to be very neat – any mistakes, or extra liner that gets on the tape will be peeled anyway. Make sure to get very close to your lashes as well as coat the very inside of your lid for a flawless look.



Peel the tapes from the inside of your lid towards your brow (no need to wait for it to settle) and voila! A perfect, thick cat eye look!


Let us know if you try this, and if you have any other tricks to make our lives easier, we’d love to hear!


Enjoy your snow day, everyone!

New Year’s Makeup Ideas

Hi, everyone! Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas! It feels like there’s always something to celebrate this time of the year – and we are not complaining. Can you believe that New Year’s is less than a week away?! It’s crazy!

That’s why we decided to put together an inspiration board for a few New Year’s looks to try. We know a few people love to add glitter to their looks (and what better day, right?), others like to intensify the look with a dramatic eye, and others stick to the classic cat eye paired with red lips.

Regardless of your preference, here are a few ideas to try!




via Unique Butterflies

This classic smokey eye is perfect for some drama! Just remember to keep the lips neutral to balance your look.




via Olga Blik

This look is perfect for those who are uncomfortable with a lot of glitter. This glitter pen work beautifully as a liner to add just the right pop of glitter to your look, leaving the rest of the lid pretty neutral.




via Vegas_Nay

This look is great to add a pop of gold and just a dusting of glitter on the inner corner. Neutral lovers – this is the look for you! Just remember to keep the rest of the eye look matte, and to define your crease with a matte brown shade – this will give your look some depth while still bringing out the beautiful gold color.




via Beauty Frizz

This is one of our favorite looks. The lid is covered in a very light shimmery shade with a dust of glitter, and the outer V is defined with a darker shadow (you can go for a olive, brown or black). The same shade is used very lightly along the crease for some definition. Lips here are bare – the eyes are the star of the show, but you can always go for a nude with a coral undertone. Try to opt for a matte lip for the same effect.


Well, there you go! A few options for your New Year’s look – no matter where you go for the evening! Let us know if you’d like to see a tutorial on any of those!

And Happy Holidays!

Highlight and Contour for Different Face Shapes

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday so far.

Winter is that time of the year when natural tans fade, and your face goes back to that one color all over. This is the time of the year where contour and highlight should be an essential step on your makeup routine.

Now, you’ve probably been exposed to tons of tutorials either on Pinterest or Youtube or blogs about where to place each product. Most, however, only seem to be tailored to the models/ blogger/ youtuber that’s getting the makeup done.

While some steps are very similar, there are definitely some changes, albeit small ones, in application for your specific face shape. Check out this image we found on Pinterest for inspiration on how to get the most out of your highlight and contour for your shape!

Also, if you have any doubts as to what your face shape is, here is a breakdown on how you can figure it out:


Diamond: the largest part of your face are your cheekbones, making your face go from small, to long, to small, as in a diamond shape.

Heart: your jaw line is narrow, whereas your cheekbones and/ or forehead are slightly wider.

Oblong: your face is rounded on your forehead and chin, but still longer vertically.

Rectangle: your face is mostly around the same width from your forehead to your jaw.

Pear: the widest part of your face is your jaw, whereas your forehead is narrower.

Oval: your face is slightly round on the forehead and jawline, and the length equals around one a half times the width.

Round: rounded forehead and jawline, and length and width are around the same measurement.


We hope the images and the added info helped you to figure out which one is your shape, as well as showed you how to make the best of it with highlighting and contouring! Check back in a couple days for Holiday party hair inspirations!



Makeup for Glasses!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Today we put together a post about makeup for glasses. Many people feel that glasses overpower the face, therefore they see no need to add makeup to the face. Others feel like the same routine can be used regardless of whether you’re wearing glasses, or not.

In our experience, a few tweaks are all you need to make sure your makeup is ready to go for those days when you just don’t want to reach for your contacts.

What we believe in is: makeup is always a must. And we don’t mean a full on smokey eye on a daily basis, but at least a few simple things to enhance your natural beauty.

It all depends on your frames: There are TONS of frames out there – invisible, thick, colored, multicolor. It all plays a role on what is going to look better on.

We found this handy post, by totalbeauty.com, on a variety of makeup applications on different frames, as well as this youtube video, from the beauty department, on how to enhance your features when wearing glasses with a few makeup products.

Fall Makeup Trends

We all look up to New York Fashion Week for the biggest Fall Trends. This year was no different, and cheer up, ladies, cause there is something for all of us!

We’ve seen all types of eye looks: subdued, metallic, bold eyeliners. And the same goes for lips, who went from nude to deep berry tones.

We are in love with the use of metallic eye shadows. It’s just so perfect for the Holiday Season! And the cat eye took new proportions for fall. Now is the time to experiment with it! Not everyone has the control for a fine cat eye look, but Fall is all about bold – so feel free to use a heavier hand on it!

If you are all about the smokey eye this fall is perfect for you! Mark Jacobs’ look on the runway was all about the dark eyes paired with nude lips.

Bold lips are also in: if you’re not too sure about a fiery red, try opting for wine, burgundy and plum hues. If you are set on your pink colors, and still not comfortable switching to a deeper color, here’s a little tip: add a deeper lip pencil as a base and top it off with your preferred pink lipstick. The lipstick will tone down the lip pencil and you won’t feel like you have such a deep color on.

Check out this post over at Become Gorgeous  for pictures of the best runways looks, and well as more details about this season’s top trends!

And stay tuned for a Fall Trend inspired look coming up on the blog as well!




Holiday Special!

We know Halloween is over, but we waited to give you guys the biggest treat today!

Throughout the Holidays we are featuring 40% off selected Jane Iredale makeup products! This means you can grab something for you, something for a friend or a loved one for a really good deal!

Here’s are a few pictures of all the goodies! We have it all: lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, eye shadows, etc! There’s something for everyone!



Call us if you want to know more about specific products on sale, but hurry in! And share it with your friends as well! I’ll tell you it’s an amazing deal, and some of it is already gone!

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hi, everyone!  Hope you are all doing fantastic today despite it being a little chilly.

Halloween is exactly a week away (and Holidays are coming closer! Where did 2013 go?!). But we know all about last minute parties, and scrambling to get your costume. Which is why we gathered a few make up looks that could work both with your costumes and also BE your costume.

Of course we are not all makeup artists, so in our selection we got a few easier looks and of course some beautiful extravagant ones by some really good makeup artists out there!



(via grzee.blogspot.com)



(via Erin Schmalz)



(via illusion – MAC Session by Karin Stone)



(via Flex Dreams – by Stanislav Istratov)

All pictures were found on Pinterest, and of course credit goes to each individual makeup artist – please check their beautiful work out. We selected only a few of the hundreds of looks worth sharing with you all.


If you’re feeling a bit more daring, check out our pinterest board for more inspiration on looks! There are some really great tutorials out there to compliment your halloween costume, and of course, if you decide to use one of the looks, be sure to tag us on your photos on facebook, twitter, or even pin it on pinterest so we can see!