Eufora Cocktails?!

Yes, you read it right! Did you know you can take your hair care routine a step further by mixing products you may already have in your home? We, and a lot of our clients use and approve of one of our main hair care lines – Eufora. It truly is a great line. All […]

Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive

Hi, everyone.   Welcome back to our blog! We’ve experienced some changes and we were unable to post for a while, but we are back in business! Today we wanted to share a new Eufora product with you, and also show you the before and after of using it. Eufora recently came out with a […]

Thinning Hair? Not anymore!

Thousands of men and women suffer from thinning hair. Previously thinning hair was an issue linked mainly to men, though in the past few years more women have been suffering from it – or coming forth about this issue. So before we talk about how to treat it, let’s understand the causes of hair loss. […]