Hair masques are a huge part of your beauty routine. (If it isn’t, you need to add it to your list of priorities!) Shampoos and conditioners are great and help your hair in so many ways but they will never compare to the greatness that an amazing masque can do for you hair. A hair masque typically contains more potent nourishing components that penetrate your hair even deeper than a conditioner can.

There are so many masques on the shelves, it’s hard to determine what is best for your hair and what you will like. Ready-made masques are most defiantly the easiest way to go but they can get a little pricey depending on the product. I have many masques on my list that are absolutely amazing, including Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque. It contains Eufora’s Damage Control Complex, which is an ultra rich treatment that restores the hair.

When your looking to save money, there are some common household items that can turn your hair from drab to fab in 20 minutes! You can combine items to create a do-all type masque or create more unique treatments for one condition.

Eggs Whites & Egg Yolks. Amazingly, eggs are one of the best home remedies for all hair types. Eggs are full of great vitamins that protect your hair from heat and the environment. There have been studies that also show that using an egg hair masque will contribute to the prevention of hair loss or thinning. Eggs will make your hair more manageable, silkier, softer and less frizzy.

Honey. If you happen to have hair that suffers from sun damage, then honey is the best option for you. Honey has is a natural humectant and this means that moisture is drawn to it and it locks that moisture in.

Kefir. Many people may not know what kefir is, kefir is a product made from fermenting milk. Weird, right? Because it has a thicker consistency to it, it creates a perfect hair masque for anyone that has extremely bad breakage. It helps protect your hair from breaking off after any damage and prolonged usages helps protect your hair from furniture breakage.

Sour Cream & Plain Yogurt. When you spend a lot of time outside, you may not realize that the environment may be causes damage to you hair leaving it very dull. The sun is a big one! Those UV rays are not friends with your hair! Adding sour cream or plain yogurt to your masque will help strip away all the impurities and toxins from you hair.

Baking Soda. If your like me, then you love your hairspray and texturing spray. Those two products are the most amazing products that you can have in your collection! (I may be a little bias.) However, when you use a ton of products in your hair you can create buildup, which leaves your hair feeling grimy. Baking soda is a great way to clarify your hair. We recommend to clarify your hair at least once a month to keep your hair clean.

Cornstarch. Now, using cornstarch can be a little tricky because it can be very difficult. When its used properly, it also acts like a clarifying agent. It strips everything and anything in your hair. You may not want to use it very often because it can be abrasive. If you suffer from oily scalp, cornstarch is a great way to neutralize it.

Lemon Juice. There are so many uses for lemon juice! One use would be that it relieves an itchy scalp. When you use lemon juice, you want to make sure to pair with something a little thicker (like an egg!) to protect your “new” skin.

Beer. AAAAHHH! I know you’re thinking, WHAT! But its true, beer is a good addictive to your hair home remedies. Its great for limp or fine hair. It thickens and plumps up your hair strand giving you a voluminous look.

Tea Tree. Many professional products use tea tree in their products. It has many benefits and it’s usually prescribed for clients that suffer from dandruff or psoriasis. The mint helps calm an irritated scalp and clarify the toxins off your scalp. It’s also considered and antiseptic and its a great brush cleaner.

Avocado Oil. Did you know that when your hair is dry, it becomes a static mess? Avocado oil is perfect solution! It contains many moisturizing components to it and also has vitamin A, which also helps reduce dryness.

Castor Oil. Your probably thinking, really? Castor oil, no. But its true! Castor oil is great if you have a lot of dandruff and very dull hair. It soothes and smooths your hair.

Olive Oil. There are quite of bit of professional products that contain olive oil because its a great product that helps keep all those pesky split ends at bay. Now, it’s a myth that you can mend split ends back together but olive oil will help your from splitting more.

Flax Oil. Who likes their natural hair color, unless your white blonde? No one, that’s who! When you color your hair there will be some chemical damage to your hair because your opening up your hair cuticle. Flax oil would be an amazing additive to your treatment because it helps repair extremely damaged hair and chemical damages.