Hair Care – The Natural Way

Caring for those beautiful curls can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know where to start… Lucky for us, we have two amazing stylists (Melodie & Krystal) that not only have natural hair themselves but have mastered their technique in helping others style and care for their beautiful do’s. Via: Pinterest First things first – […]

Home Remedies

Hair masques are a huge part of your beauty routine. (If it isn’t, you need to add it to your list of priorities!) Shampoos and conditioners are great and help your hair in so many ways but they will never compare to the greatness that an amazing masque can do for you hair. A hair […]

Are professional products and services really worth the cost?

Many of our clients ask us if there is a real difference between buying products, such as shampoos, conditioners and styling aids from a salon or buying them from the grocery store. Our answer is always yes, there is a huge difference! Really getting to know your hair is the best way to determine what […]

So Cool by the Pool!

There’s no better way to cool off than sitting poolside with an ice cold glass of lemonade. Many of us find ourselves spending a lot of time at the nearest pool to get a golden tan and take a cooling dip in the pool. Did you know that those chlorine and chemically treated pools could […]

Thick braids

Not everyone has fabulous, thick locks. Actually, most of us don’t. A lot of times our clients that come in for up dos tell us they love the inspirations, but that their hair is too fine for the braided look. They usually turn up thin, lacking the visual impact of what they see on the […]

Hairstyles for Brides

Summer time is a big time for outdoor weddings. Most brides we get around this time of the year decide to skip the veil altogether. Some like the freedom of not wearing one, others just like the boho feel that cascading waves free of accessories have. A lot of our brides, though, love accessories. They […]

Overnight No-heat Curls

We know not everyone owns a curling wand or different sized barrels to curl their hair. We also know that some of our clients are against the idea of using too much heat on their hair. So it was fun to find this great tutorial by Kayley Melissa.   She is super talented, young, and […]

The Gray Comeback

I don’t know about you, but we’ve seen a huge peak in clients embracing their gray strands. We can attribute it, in part, by power women, such as Meryl Streep, who rocked her gray roots on the movie Devil Wears Prada. That’s the one that stands out the most to us. But recently, we’ve seen […]

Oscars 2015 looks

Most of you probably have seen pictures of all the stars strutting their best at the Oscar’s red carpet, but we thought we’d bring you the highlights in terms of hair/makeup. We love to see how some starts stay true to their style, while others love to push the envelope with their looks. Here are […]

Messy Hair

We were just talking this week in the salon about hair habits. And we discussed how most french women do not apply heat in their hair. They try to wash it mainly at night, so by the morning, it’ll be filled with personality, waves and body. Well, it turns out that not everybody can just […]