Summer time is a big time for outdoor weddings.

Most brides we get around this time of the year decide to skip the veil altogether. Some like the freedom of not wearing one, others just like the boho feel that cascading waves free of accessories have.

A lot of our brides, though, love accessories. They want the accessory to be the real star of the show. We’ve seen beautifully crafted pins, combs and even birdcage veils on our last weddings.

Some are skeptical of how formal a hairstyle will be if you skip a veil, but I tell you brides still achieve a very formal look without the veil. We’ve scouted Pinterest to find beautiful dos that do not require a veil to share with you today.

Depending on the style of your wedding, you may want to consider a few options:


– Combs:

Big or small, they add something extra to the overall look. We’ve seen them in many ways – around buns, on french twists, on a side do. They bring the style together and add the “bling” when there’s no veil.


– Hair pins:

They can be of various shapes. Some of our brides like small flowers or pearls, that aren’t apparent, but provide a nice surprise when a guest truly looks at the style. They add the extra, but don’t steal the show from the updo itself.


– Headbands:

We’ve seen many flower headbands (crowns) that amp up the boho vibe of a gown. We’ve seen small ones that are incorporated into a do, and one of our favorites – intricate, pieces of art that go over the style, bringing out a regal vibe to the look.


– Bejeweled gowns:

Many gowns have jewel details. They can be as big as the whole shoulder piece, or a big detail on the gown. Some have flowers and lace as straps. When you have a busy gown, the idea is that you should stay away from too many accessories on your head.

We highly recommend a style that will either use small pins, or nothing at all. The exception is when the gown’s details are mostly located in the front. When that happens, you can definitely add some bling, or even flower details to the back of your hair.

We found this great image that combines most styles discussed. I love how it shows the different nuances that accessories can have. How similar styles can be played to be boho, modern, or romantic.




What do you think? Which style of accessory are you most likely to go for?