Fall Trends 2014

So, Fall is officially here! With it, the bold hues of orange, red, browns are taking over the beauty world, from Nail polish trends to bold eyeshadow looks. What’s the up and coming hair trend of Fall? Say hello, to the “French Brown”. Following the changes in tones, this season is all about bold, rich […]

Short Bridal Hairstyles

Fall is approaching fast, and with that, all the beautiful Fall weddings. Some of our Fall brides have touched base with us about ways of styling short hair for the ceremony. It’s not uncommon to hear a bride saying she’s growing her hair out for the wedding. Many believe there are not many options out […]

How to keep Red from Fading

Hi everyone. One of the biggest changes on your hair routine comes when you decide to switch to a brighter color. Our clients notice a faster fading, and higher maintenance, especially with reds. There are tons of tips useful for those brighter colors. The most important one we found is to invest in a great […]

Caring for Biracial Hair

Many mothers encounter a challenge when caring for bi-racial children’s hair. The main challenge is often the frizz, and the fact that the hair seems to be dull and dry. When adopting, or caring for a child whose hair type is different than yours, many parents are at a loss at what to do to […]

Summer Must Have

Summer is in full swing, and we know most of you are still out soaking up every possible day with dips in pools, swims at the beach and getting some sunshine and tan. With all that sun exposure, chlorine and salt water, your hair is, most likely feeling the effects of summer. The most common […]

Frizz-Free Hair

Following up on our last post, we talking about ways to minimize frizz.   A lot of clients have the belief that frizz is only noticeable on curly hair. That’s not entirely true. Curly hair, by nature, is drier, so curly hair actually takes moisture from the air to get hydrated. But even your straight […]

Hairstyles for Summer

Hi, everyone!   Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve already been experiencing pretty high temperatures around these parts. (84-90 yikes!) Because of that we put together an array of hairstyles for both long and short hair for this time. most of them are up dos, if you, like us, prefers to have your […]

Festival Hairstyles

Happy Wednesday, everyone! With the weather getting warmer, all Spring music festivals are getting ready to start – We have our own here in town, Friday Night Live, which is amazing and a lot of local business are sponsors, so if you’re in the area, check it out! They have a variety of bands playing […]

Spring Hairstyles, Hair Color and Trends

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all out or making plans to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather we’re having today! To celebrate Spring finally being here, we’ve browsed the web for you and collected the Hottest trends for color, styles and wedding for this Spring 14.   There is definitely a color that is […]

Spring Changing

Hi, everyone. Is it just us, or is everyone just tired of winter?   Lately we’ve gotten a real head-start on Spring Cleaning (we will pretend it’s already Spring, k?). But truth be told, we feel like this year is already going by too fast – though until Spring actually gets here, the year isn’t […]