Fall Trends 2014

So, Fall is officially here! With it, the bold hues of orange, red, browns are taking over the beauty world, from Nail polish trends to bold eyeshadow looks.

What’s the up and coming hair trend of Fall? Say hello, to the “French Brown”. Following the changes in tones, this season is all about bold, rich browns. Models such as Suki Waterhouse have already adopted the darker hue.

Check here to see which brown hues made it into this Fall’s trends!

Short Bridal Hairstyles

Fall is approaching fast, and with that, all the beautiful Fall weddings.

Some of our Fall brides have touched base with us about ways of styling short hair for the ceremony. It’s not uncommon to hear a bride saying she’s growing her hair out for the wedding. Many believe there are not many options out there for short haired brides.

We think the opposite. As much as a very intricate hairstyle wows, short hair gives accessories a chance to shine. So we put together some images that are blowing us away for our Fall brides!



For our brides going for a sweeter look, there’s nothing more beautiful than a half updo adorned with a soft flower and chiffon/tulle.

It pairs greatly with a softer, sweeter gown.



Birdcage veils are perfect for shorter do’s. It frames the face beautifully and also lets your hairstyle be the center of attention. Just as the picture, a bold statement earring brings the right amount of drama to the look.



There are few things more chic than big, bouncy curls. It’s very glamorous and adds a flair to your look. Paired with a smoky eye look (whether in soft brown hues or deep blacks), it oozes black tie event.



If your hair is short, but with some length to it, this would be a perfect updo. The shorter pieces are perfect for framing your face, while the rest is pulled back in a messy bun. Add a small hairpiece to bring some attention to the intricacy of the do.



For short asymmetrical bobs, headbands are your best friend. Specially for brides who don’t want to incorporate a veil to the look, you can add a big adorned headband and subtle earrings for a chic, soft and even vintage look.



For the 20’s lover, there’s nothing more chic than a bejewel headband with curly locks. It’s the perfect pairing to a glitzy gown to complement the headband and hairdo.



A twisted updo is perfect to wear with short hairstyles. It can create the illusion of longer and fuller hair. Just like the picture, we love pairing this updo with a softer headpiece and we cannot get over this feathery beauty.



Very short pixie cuts are more challenging to add a headpiece to. Sometimes the hair isn’t longer enough to hold it in place, or to add a nice curl to. This is the best hairstyle to add a headband to. You can go as busy or as subtle as you’d like. We love that this one looks like it has a little bit of a birdcage feel to it.



The image says it all. This over the top, almost fantasy like headpiece is just perfect for shorter do’s. It’s definitely a statement piece, so we advise you to keep your gown and jewelry to a minimum. We love how soft the headpiece looks and how it pairs perfectly with a more dramatic eye look.




The last idea we have is for the brides who want to wear long veils. A simple, thin headband (whether only fabric or bejeweled) is the perfect complement to a long, soft veil. For this look, a dramatic makeup like the one the bride has works wonderfully but you can also wear it with softer tones for a daytime wedding. We think it would look ethereal.



So this is it for our round up of gorgeous hairstyles for our ladies with shorter hair. Don’t think, for a minute, that you can’t look as glamorous on your day, or that you have to grow your hair to be able to walk down that isle. There are tons that we can do with your hair!

Do you ave any questions on any looks? Or in general about bridal hairdos? Just leave them on our comment or facebook page.



How to keep Red from Fading

Hi everyone.

One of the biggest changes on your hair routine comes when you decide to switch to a brighter color. Our clients notice a faster fading, and higher maintenance, especially with reds.

There are tons of tips useful for those brighter colors. The most important one we found is to invest in a great shampoo. You wouldn’t believe that difference it makes. If your shampoo has detergents, they will strip your color right off- and all that time and money will literally go down the drain. Our Eufora line has no detergent in its formula, making it ideal to lock your color.

Also, as much as some people consider this to be a myth, we stand by it. Use cold water! Hot water tends to pull  more color, since it opens the cuticles. By washing your hair with colder water, the cuticles will be shut, helping the color to stay longer.

There is also a really nice product by J. Beverly Hills called Fashion Colour. It’s a direct dye that should be applied directly onto the hair for about 25-30 minutes. Our clients love to use it in between their color appointments. It definitely takes their color to the next level by brightening the original color.



The Beauty Department  just came out with 10 best ways to keep your color vibrant. While we believe it’s more important to invest in a good shampoo, they opt for a conditioner. Keep in mind that there are tons of different tips, and they all help. So be sure to check it out and pick the ones that you can incorporate into your routine!



photo by Kristin Ess, via Beauty Department



Caring for Biracial Hair

Many mothers encounter a challenge when caring for bi-racial children’s hair. The main challenge is often the frizz, and the fact that the hair seems to be dull and dry. When adopting, or caring for a child whose hair type is different than yours, many parents are at a loss at what to do to care for their children.

No two hair types are the same, but the tips we are giving you can generally be applied to most cases. The most important thing to remember is that maybe not all will work with your child, and that your child’s hair can adapt better to one tip than another.

The one thing to keep in mind when dealing with Bi-Racial children’s hair is: it can be kinky/curly/frizzy, but it’s usually different from an African-American only hair. It may have the same look, but a child’s hair is a lot more delicate, and you should not, in any case, use powerful products to straighten or relax their hair.


1. Get to know your child’s hair

That “dull” look that many first timers see on biracial hair is common. The kinky texture of the hair prevents the hair follicles from sitting flat, so not much light is reflected on curly hair in general. Also, a lot of parents fight to pull all the hair in a tight ponytail or braid for lack of knowing what to do with it.

Find out how the hair grows, in which way the strands tend to grow, and try as best as you can to follow it. If you do do a ponytail on one day, go for a style that will keep their hair down on the next. This prevents the hair from being constantly pulled on the same direction, and it will avoid pulled hairs along the hairline.


2. Kinky hair needs natural oils

If you’re not used to biracial hair, you may think you need to constantly wash it so you can give it more shine. In reality, curly/kinky hair is so dry it thrives with natural oils. So just because you need to wash your hair everyday, it does not mean your child needs it too. It is actually recommended to try and wash it once a week only. You can do rinses in between the washes, but do not use shampoo, and be sure to follow up with a leave-in conditioner, to add back the moisture.


3. Rules on brushing

All curly hairs should not be brushed after dry. It disturbs the curl pattern and turns your hair to a frizz fest. If you have to, spritz some leave-in conditioner on your hands and lightly run them through your hair. Also, invest in a good brush – trust us, it’s a game changer. Generally curly hair should be brushed in the shower, with conditioner on, but you can opt to brush it right afterwards, with the hair still wet adding leave-in conditioner. Use either a wide toothed comb, or invest in a detangler brush, such as Knot Genius.


Detangler brushes can be used on wet hair, and won’t pull out hair as normal brushes will. Their bristles are designed to glide through the hair, avoiding breakage.


4. Shampoo carefully

It’s super important to use a good shampoo when washing your child’s hair. Invest in a good moisturizing shampoo, and if your child is still and infant find formulas that won’t cause tears. Make sure all your products are free of silicon and parabens – those can be extremely harmful. Be gentle when shampooing to avoid too many tangles, but make sure you can reach the scalp to thoroughly cleanse it.

Depending on just how kinky your child’s hair is, you may even find that a Cleansing Cream works better than a regular moisturizing shampoo. What are cleansing creams, you ask? Exactly what the name implies: it’s a conditioner that delivers the same cleansing property as a shampoo, but without stripping any moisture from the strands.


This one from Eufora has a non-lathering formula, that delivers maximum hydration for extra dry, frizzy, unruly hair.


5. Pat dry, avoid heat styling

Bi-racial hair thrives best when left to its own devices. So when you leave the shower, don’t rub your child’s hair dry. Pat it dry and allow it to air dry as much as possible. We really recommend skipping any heat tools on children – there’s no need for the stress of that on the strands – but if you absolutely need to use it, make sure


6. Styling products are your friend

Your styling products have to focus on moisture. And we advise you to add some sort of cream to help with controlling the frizz and maintaining the shape of the curl. Eufora came out with the Curl’n line, with products that will replenish the moisture, as well as hydrate the strand and enhance your curl.

If there is one styling product from the line you should have for your child, we recommend the Curl’n’Forming Cream.


This cream helps you to create, define and shape curls. It leaves the hair soft and touchable, adds shine, and is made with an anti-frizz formula that gives ultimate frizz protection. You should also do a deep conditioning treatment starting once a week at least. This line also has a Nourishing Treatment that should be applied on cleansed hair and left for up to 10 minutes. Rinse it while in the shower.


This treatment nourishes the dry curls and waves, while strengthening it. It protects curls against damage from heat styling, and controls frizz.


These steps should work for all kinky/curly hair children. If you’re the one dealing with the kinky hair, there are a ton more information about styles, how to wear your hair to bed, oil treatments, etc that we feel may be too much for children. Then again, you may want to try if you think these steps we listed just aren’t enough. The most well-rounded site on this is Treasured Locks.




Summer Must Have

Summer is in full swing, and we know most of you are still out soaking up every possible day with dips in pools, swims at the beach and getting some sunshine and tan.

With all that sun exposure, chlorine and salt water, your hair is, most likely feeling the effects of summer. The most common complain we’ve been hearing is how their hair is dull, brittle and dry. We know how much of a toll your hair can take in just a couple of months, so we are here today to talk about your Summer Must Have if you are a fellow pool, beach and sun lover.


the Urgent Repair Shampoo.


If there’s one product to invest on, it’s definitely this shampoo. It’s a weekly clarifying and restorative treatment shampoo, that provides healthy hair and scalp benefits. It’s a gentle, non-drying formula that thoroughly removes dulling and damaging build ups caused by metals, chemicals, minerals and environmental pollutants while improving the health of the hair and scalp.

Everyone can actually benefit from this shampoo. If you use a lot of styling or finishing products, if you’re a swimmer, if you’re a beach goer; this shampoo is for you. It detoxifies the hair follicle and scalp leaving behind nourished, healthy hair.

The formula is gentle and low-Ph, so even people with product sensitivities can use it. And it’s first ingredient is Certified Organic Aloe, to impart soothing and healing benefits to hair and scalp. It also is Antioxidant rich, containing a derivative of Litchu Berry, which neutralizes free radicals and photo damage. Thermal Protective benefits aid in eliminating damage caused by UVA, UVB rays and heat styling.

All this is to say that this product should be everyone’s summer staple. If your hair is extremely damaged (be it the sun, or heavy highlighting, or chlorine) you should even go a step further and look into the Urgent Repair Treatment.



It’s a heavy duty conditioning treatment, packed with restructuring proteins that strengthens and restores vibrancy to dry, damaged and color treated hair.

 Our heavily highlighted clients love this treatment and so do we. It’s the perfect nourishing boost that your strands need after all the heat, salt and chlorine, as well as any big color treatments.


What do you do to care for your hair during summer?




Frizz-Free Hair

Following up on our last post, we talking about ways to minimize frizz.


A lot of clients have the belief that frizz is only noticeable on curly hair. That’s not entirely true. Curly hair, by nature, is drier, so curly hair actually takes moisture from the air to get hydrated. But even your straight haired gals have it too – especially if your hair is fine, frizz probably isn’t an uncommon visitor.


There are lots of products and treatments in the market that promise to get rid of frizz. Some of them truly do help, and some will just cake on products and weight your hair down. There are definitely a few tips that you can do at home to prevent frizz:


– Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Yup, that is not just fiction. Silk will make your hair glide on it during the night, whereas cotton tends to be rougher, and your strands get caught on it. You’ll wake up with a tamer head of hair just by switching your pillowcase.


– Ditch the towel. And no Turban Style Wrap! Yes, it’s true. Ditch your towel for either a microfiber towel, or even a cotton t-shirt. Also, instead of vigorously drying it, pat your hair dry. This won’t disturb the strands, and won’t stimulate frizz. Specially with curly hair you want to maintain the natural shape of your curl, so patting – not rubbing – will do the trick.


Moisture, Moisture! We said it briefly, but your hair, if dry, will end up sucking moisture from the air. So inevitably, you’ll be left with a ton of frizz if you’re not hydrating your strands enough. For curly hair gals, you should definitely invest on a line designed for your curly strands. They deliver the most moisture and repair the most damage.

We definitely recommend Eufora’s Curl’n line, with Certified Organic Aloe, tomato fruit ferment extract, Abyssinian oil, moringa oil and Stearoyl Co-Desaturate (an enzyme) that work together to improve elasticity, hydrate the strands, and control frizz. If your hair isn’t curly, you can go for any hydrating/ smoothing line. Again, Eufora came out with the Smooth’n line, with natural oils (moringa, Abyssinian, safflower and olive oil), Shea butter, certified aloe Vera, soybean, marshmallow roots extract and soy protein that together soften the strands, deliver moisture, enhance shine and most importantly, nourish the outer layer of the cuticle, decreasing the frizz.


You may ask: I do it all. I use good products, oils, masks, and nothing works. There’s hope! There are, as we mentioned, treatments that will help with smoothing your hair.


Keratin Treatment: This smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.

Cezanne Perfect Finish: if you’re all about avoiding chemicals, this is the treatment to look for. It is glycolic based, containing zero formaldehyde. There are no fumes, and it’s safe for both the stylist and yourself. Your hair will improve with each new application, to become smooth, sleek, shiny, and resistant to frizz and breakage. Results usually last 3 – 4 months, depending on the hair type. An added perk: you can wash it within 24hs of the treatment!


Do you have any more tips? Leave them bellow or comment on our facebook/twitter page!

Hairstyles for Summer

Hi, everyone!


Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve already been experiencing pretty high temperatures around these parts. (84-90 yikes!)

Because of that we put together an array of hairstyles for both long and short hair for this time. most of them are up dos, if you, like us, prefers to have your hair off your face and neck when it’s really hot out.


1. Braids, everywhere!

Mod Style Lounge did the work for us, and pulled some great inspiration from Pinterest on braid styles, some of which definitely work for us short haired gals.


2. Four braid up-do


How fun is this style? We can’t wait to try that one out! ( We couldn’t find the original source, so if you know, please share!)


3. Braided Bun


If your child/ren has/have long hair, this is the style to go for summer! So easy to keep the hair out of their face and prevent it from knotting while they’re playing. I’d definitely check this tutorial.


4. Braided Updo


This style look so chic and elegant, you can definitely use it in all weddings to come. Or parties, and you can even do it on barbecues, because it truly has an effortless vibe to it. While a little more complex to achieve, the final result is simply stunning. Check it out here.


5. Julianne Hough’s Knotted do for the 13th Annual InStyle Soiree

How cute is that little knotted half-do? It’s perfect to add some interest to your normal half-do, specially if you like wearing it straight.




6. Twisted Up do

This tutorial is so easy to follow, and you can do it on any textured hair! Definitely check it out and let us know what you think!


Last, but not least, we have the twisted bang.


This is super easy, and works great if you want hair off of your face during a humid, hot day. As you can see on the top you just twist your bangs back and bobby pin it in place, and the bottom part you braid, for a fun texture mix.

I know I will be trying that one out!


What’s your go to style when the weather is amazing out?

Festival Hairstyles

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

With the weather getting warmer, all Spring music festivals are getting ready to start – We have our own here in town, Friday Night Live, which is amazing and a lot of local business are sponsors, so if you’re in the area, check it out! They have a variety of bands playing and are also very family friendly!


But anyway, we know how those festivals are the perfect way to put your bohemian style to use after so many months of covering it up. We’ve been browsing and came across quite a few to share with you. Please check them out, we’ve linked the sources bellow each picture, so be sure to check it out!


1. Boho Roll and tuck



found on Pinterest, via Bloom


2. Tuck and roll w/ Headband


found on Pinterest, source unknown


3. Side Braid


found on Pinterest, via PopSugar (there is a step by step video!)


4. Small Braided Half-do


found on Pinterest, via Beauty Fashion Idea


5. Invest on a Headband


found on Pinterest, via Become Gorgeous



5. Side Detailed Braid


found on Pinterest, via All Women Stalk


Don’t be thrown off by the length of the hair on most pictures. Most of them can be replicated even with short hair. We know braids never go out of style, and it’s fun to work with them.

Let us know if you’re going to any festivals/ concerts, so have fun experimenting with adding a headband (we feel like tucking a bit of the hair around the headband is what gives you that boho look), creating some texture (if you have curly hair, it’s your time to shine and put the flat iron down).


Send us pictures if you try any of them!

Spring Hairstyles, Hair Color and Trends

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all out or making plans to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather we’re having today!

To celebrate Spring finally being here, we’ve browsed the web for you and collected the Hottest trends for color, styles and wedding for this Spring 14.


There is definitely a color that is getting a lot of attention this season: Rose Gold. We’ve seen it in all different ways. on peek-a-boo styles like January Jones, on the tips on Lauren Conrad, and on Sienna Miller, who took the plunge and dyed her whole head – it’s gorgeous!

Would you go for it? Or would you stay safe and just dye your tips? Let us know!


We’ve also noticed that medium browns and all over colors are slowly replacing the ombre trend of last year. And gals, it looks gorgeous! We love that Spring this year doesn’t necessarily means going lighter, isn’t it fresh?

Well, head over to redbook and get the full scoop of this Spring’s Hottest Hair Trends!


Spring Changing

Hi, everyone. Is it just us, or is everyone just tired of winter?


Lately we’ve gotten a real head-start on Spring Cleaning (we will pretend it’s already Spring, k?). But truth be told, we feel like this year is already going by too fast – though until Spring actually gets here, the year isn’t going fast enough (does it make sense?)

Well, while normal people – and not our beauty obsessed bunch – are gearing towards a lot of spring cleaning plans, we are looking out for Spring changes. Changes in color, in the cut. Out with the old, in with the new – hair!

We are always trying something new – and it doesn’t have to be completely out of the box, either. Small variations of your tone can add a new look to you!

Now, if it’s your first time getting your hair colored, there are 3 really good points to consider.


1. Be clear on your expectations: it’s important to know, even prior to going into the salon, whether you want to be blond, brunette or a redhead. Always consult with your stylist to know what you can expect from the color, and ask them whether a cool or warm tone would work best with your skin and eyes.

2. Up keeping:  let your stylist know about your lifestyle and routine. Let them know how often you want to/can come to the salon. Some clients are after low-maintenance colors, and 8-12 weeks in between visits to the salon. Others don’t mind coming in more frequently.

3. Maintenance of color: coloring your hair is an investment. To prolong the life of your color (preventing it from fading) we greatly recommend investing in a good shampoo/conditioner combo. In our eyes, why would you pay for a great color line, and strip your hair by washing it with products containing petrochemicals? It’s best to invest in good products to maintain not only your color, but also your scalp and hair’s health.

We are true believers of the Eufora line. It uses advanced plant technology, is based on organic Aloe Vera gel, and the highest quality botanical ingredients. We notice a huge difference in our clients’ hair health when they use Eufora products, and cannot stress how greatly the products work!


Any questions? Let us know by commenting bellow or on our facebook page! And if you have any other tips, share it as well!