Many of our clients ask us if there is a real difference between buying products, such as shampoos, conditioners and styling aids from a salon or buying them from the grocery store. Our answer is always yes, there is a huge difference!

Really getting to know your hair is the best way to determine what kind of products are best for you. You need to know the style that you desire and understand your hair texture. Not all products are meant for the same type of hair or the style.

When your buying quality products, they are going to cost more because the company is putting more money into the science and technology of the product as well as the ingredients that go into the products. Not saying that all ingredients in professional hair care products are the best or even good for you and your hair, however they are typically of a higher quality. I tell clients, you get what you pay for… Don’t buy a Ford and expect the same luxury that a Bentley will have.

You may have always heard that you shouldn’t buy professional products from a grocery store or a big box store because the product may be diluted or of low quality. That really isn’t the case anymore, more and more brands are trying to expand and sell their products in more stores. However, you should proceed with caution and double check with the company’s website to make sure that the retailer has rights to sell those products.

Can you perform your own color services in your home with color you purchased during your weekly grocery shopping trip. Of course you can but is it worth it? The box of color you just purchased may have only cost you about $10 but you could end paying hundreds of dollars trying to fix the damage that that color has caused your hair. When you use professional color and products, your more likely to achieve your desired look with less damage. After spending all that money on your color at the salon, you want your color to last and stay vibrant. To ensure the life of your freshly-colored hair, you want to make sure that you have color-safe products. You will truly notice a difference between products when you switch a quality products!

It is always important to do your research on any products that you might be interested in purchasing because you want to make an informed decision and you want to really understand what your putting on your hair and body.

This is an example of you hair with different kinds of shampoos after so many washes.