hair-DO or hair-DON’T? Uncovering Hair Myths. Pt. 2

Hair myths are the bane of our existence! There’s so many out there in the world, it becomes hard to keep up with all of them. We’re still trying to uncover the most popular hair myths that you hear about on a day to day basis.

6) You need to skip the conditioner if you have greasy hair.

No. Don’t blame your conditioner for your greasy scalp, you need to be thanking your scalp for that problem. Greasy or overly oily scalps are caused from overactive sebaceous glands which are also known as the sweat glands. If this is an issue for you, it’s best to take care of it with an oil based shampoo or a good clarifying shampoo. (Oil sticks to other oils.) Conditioner is an important step in your healthy hair routine.

7) Cutting your hair frequently helps make it grow faster.

Unfortunately, this is completely false. Your hair doesn’t grow from your ends, your hair grows from your scalp. We do recommend to cut your hair frequently to promote healthy ends, which also helps make your hair look thicker. When you go long lengths of time between haircuts, your ends tend to break and split. This makes it hard for your hair to grow long when your ends are constantly breaking off.

8) Air drying is better for your hair then blow drying.

When you think about this myth, if it were true, it would make completely sense. It is true, you want to try to avoid excessive amounts of heat on your hair, however, when you put your blow dryer on a warm or medium setting, this is better for your hair then air drying your hair. When your hair is wet, it is in it’s most fragile state. Air drying your hair takes quite a bit of time, during this time your hair can pulled or stretched excessively causes breakage. Also, it is important to remember when you are towel drying your hair, you want “blot or squish” the water out of your hair rather than aggressively drying with a towel.

9) There’s no need to protect your hair from the sun!

It’s true, your hair can’t get a sunburn or cancer but over exposure of UVB and UVA rays can cause damage to your beautiful locks. The sun will dry out your hair leaving it brittle and weak. Your hair will become more frizzy and prone to breakage. We also recommend wearing a wide brimmed hat when your going to be in the sun and applying a leave in conditioner that specifically says it has UV protection in it. You must always avoid any “sun in” product with alcohol, peroxide or lemon juice.

10) The dirtier, the better when it comes to up-dos.

I would just like to ask, whoever is telling everyone one this myth, PLEASE STOP! Freshly washed hair is always the best to start a clean and beautiful up-do. If you have naturally straight or fine hair, stylist have many products that create texture for us to help give you volume or curls. Creating an up-do is similar to starting a painting, when you start with a fresh new canvas, it is a lot easier then having to build paint on top of old paint. Unless otherwise instructed by your hair stylist, we ALWAYS recommend to come into your up-do appointment with clean, dry and with no or minimal product on your hair.

hair-DO or hair-DON’T? Uncovering Hair Myths. Pt. I

First and foremost, we always encourage our friends, family and clients to research and educate themselves on any new hair product or hair tool that interests them before investing time and money into it. We are always here to help answer any and all questions that may come up.

We’ve all heard of different ways to keep our hair healthy. Myths range from the truly unbelievable, outrageous and downright crazy to the so sane it’s hard not believe them. With this technology filled generation, its so easy to find home remedies and cures to bad hair days right at your finger tips.

Keep in mind, not all websites are to be trusted! Not everything on the internet is the truth and it’s important to comb through all the lies to reach the truth. Lucky for you, the Brush Strokes investigative team went deep into the world wide web to uncover those nasty little hair myths.

1) Spit ends can be mended or repaired.

This, unfortunately is so false. Chemical damage, heat damage, sun damage and using to aggressive products are just a few reasons why you could be getting split ends. The only true way to get rid of those pesky split ends would be to cut your hair on a more regular basis. (I would also like to say that even with a decent haircut, your hair may still have some split ends afterwards.)

2) Washing your hair everyday is bad!

When it comes to how often you should be shampooing your hair there isn’t a designated amount of days that professionals recommend because it varies between each person.  Shampooing your hair everyday can be damaging because your scalp creates natural oils that are meant to help protect your hair. However, if you have fine hair, exercise daily or people with extremely oily scalps, shampooing daily may be a recommendation for you. On the other hand, it’s also not healthy “to go as long as you can” without shampooing. This can cause overactive sebum, which is a leading cause to dandruff. You need to determine a happy medium for you and your hair.

3) Pulling a gray hair out will cause two more to grow in its place.

Now, this myth has been around for ages and I don’t see it going away any time soon. Pulling or plucking out your gray hairs will not cause two, three or four more to appear in its place. (It also wont turn the surrounding hairs gray either.) There is NO BENEFIT to pulling out your gray hairs! What your really doing is traumatizing your hair follicle. Over time, repeated trauma to your hair follicle can cause it to rest, which it will then shrink and can no longer produce a healthy hair shaft. Destroying your hair follicle will cause bald patches. If you don’t like your gray hairs, come to us and we’ll color them for you. That is what color is for, after all!

4) You are not allowed to color your hair while your pregnant!

This may have been true ten, maybe even five years ago, but today color has been re-invented and made to be less harmful then you’d think. Back in the days, color was made with formaldehyde and coal-tar dyes which is bad for everyone! Nowa’ days there is so many color lines out there for you to choose from, colors range from high chemical compounds, vegan, organic, ammonia free and the list goes on and on! Your body changes quite a bit during pregnancy, your hormones can change how your hair color turns out or you can become allergic to hair color when you weren’t before pregnancy, but your always welcome to request a patch test to determine how you will react to any color line. If you are concerned about how hair color may effect your baby, we always recommend to speak to your doctor.

5) If you use the same shampoo for too long, your hair will become immune to it.

I will admit, I strongly believed this myth until not too long ago… Many things can cause you to think that your shampoo isn’t doing what it used to, hormonal imbalances may change your hair texture, the weather plays a big role in how your hair feels and how much product you use on a day to day basis can affect how your shampoo works. The most important rule to remember, always choose the shampoo that is right for your hair. If your using the correct products, your hair will never become immune to them. It is fun to switch up your shampoos and try new ones every once in while though.


Tabatha’s Tips

Some of us in the salon simply love to watch before/after shows. Be it home, office, bars, we love to see how a space and its team can be vastly improved and utilized.

Add that to the fact that Tabatha Coffey, a talented hair stylist, has her own show ” Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” and you’ve got a hit with us.

We know sometimes when it’s your stylist or friend telling you things we don’t always listen to them. But take it from her – who won competitions, owns salons, and does a before/after show where she revamps salons, changing the business model, educating stylists and team work.

On PopSugar, Tabatha shared tips on how to communicate better with your stylist to ensure you will leave the salon super happy with the service you got. Just click here!


Education, education, education

We take education in the salon very seriously. And so should you!

It is super important for your stylist to get continuous education throughout her professional life. Some clients wonder why – considering the lines in the salon haven’t switched, and no new products added.

Well, we figured we’d take the time to fully explain why education is the core of Brush Strokes.


1. Formulas are constantly evolving

Lines may remain the same, but products are constantly being reformulated to work even better for you and your hair. Just look back at a few years ago, when straightening was the main option. There were so many harsh chemicals involved in it! New, more effective and safe products have come out, and with it, a new set of techniques, formulas and upkeep. It’s important for the stylist to be knowledgeable about all of them to better explain that to his/her guest.


2. New techniques are always being discovered

Yes, doing what was done 30 years ago to get curls achieved the desired results, but there are plenty of different techniques around. Different ways to cut, different ways to style, color, etc. It’s important to experience what is out there – if not for your own growth, do it for your guest. His/her hair type, maintenance at home, lifestyle may influence which technique you should use to achieve the results they want.


3. Your guest knows more than you think

Guests today have access to a lot more information then before. And trust us, when we say there is a lot of misinformation floating around. It’s easy for a guest to think they know what’s best, but it’s your responsibility to have the knowledge to point them in the right direction. This is not one of these ” fake it ’till you make it” situations. Your guest will know if you are not certain of the technique they are talking about. If you don’t know it, make it your goal to research it. There’s no such think as too much knowledge in the hair industry.


4. You may be working for over 30 years, but you don’t know it all

In this industry you have to be proud of the work you do in your guests. You are responsible for a very sensitive and important part of their lives: their image. But at the same time you have to be humble enough to know other professionals may know a thing or two better than you.

Tame time to go to classes, talk to other stylists, appreciate their work. Trust in your reps and ask questions. Bring them into the salon and introduce products to any new stylists. You won’t believe how much they yearn for education. To know the ins and outs of the brands you love and carry in your salon – and to share them with your guests.




Just now we are having a thorough education class with our beloved rep Sandy, from Beautyscope. She is telling us all about the Eufora lines. What works best for each hair, what products to recommend for what guests. This is priceless.

So if we could give you one advice to follow when looking for a hair stylist it is: find one that is always keeping up with the industry. Chances are, you’ll be pointed out in the best direction for your cut, color, and any specific concern.



Brush Care 101

Hi, everyone!


We wanted to keep up with our Spring Cleaning/ Changing posts, so when we stumbled upon The Beauty Department‘s post today we just knew we needed to share it.

We all know how important it is to clean your makeup brushes and there are tons of tutorials out there (let us know if you want us to do a post on that), but how many times have your heard about cleaning your hair brushes?


It just makes sense, but if you’re not a stylist chances are you never thought of it. Well, they have a great tutorial on how to take car of your brushes (for a very affordable price, and it’s easy peasy!)


So, click here and check it out!


Tips for your Interview Look

Hi, everyone!


With this new year starting we know how businesses are slowing gearing up again – and with that comes all the interviews and new hires for all companies.

Hopefully you received that awaited phone call about coming in for that interview. But now you ask yourself: how should I dress/ look to make a good impression, but without exaggerating?

It’s tricky sometimes. A look you’re used to may not be the look a new company is after. There are always the safe options, as well as some basic advice.


1. Look polished, but not overdone.

2. Yes, how you dress is important. But no matter what, make sure your knowledge is what makes you stand out to the interviewer.

3. Confidence is key!


Now, for more detailed tips, we found this great article posted by Cosmopolitan on their website. Worth checking out for tips on makeup looks, hair and even polishes (yes, people DO notice the cracks and that bright blue polish). So give it a go!

And good luck on your interview!

New Year’s (Beauty) Resolutions

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve started 2014 with the right foot, and that you took time to reflect on your goals for the year ahead.

The hard thing about making resolutions is sticking with them. We always have such a strong desire to do our best, but slowly throughout the months it dwindles down and we lose the spark. What we like to do is write them down and put them where you can see – so your vanity, your fridge, your closet, etc. Anywhere, really, that you will stop and look, and be reminded of how you strongly you felt about your resolutions when you put them down on paper.

We try to keep them short – and not specific. So we’ve decided to share with you all today our beauty resolutions!


1. Drink more water! – as cliche as it is, it’s true. Water is SO important to regulate your metabolism and to keep both your skin and hair healthy. So many people confuse being hungry with being thirsty and instead of reaching for the water, they reach for a snack instead. It is SO beneficial to drink more water daily. Don’t aim for a number! Try this instead: if you only have one full bottle before lunch, try doing two. Small steps will make reaching your goal easier and will keep you motivated!

2. Sleep more – do any of you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? We certainly do a few days, and end up giving up sleep to get more things done. This year, we plan on turning off that tv earlier, putting down that book and heading to back aiming for those 8 hours. It truly impacts your metabolism and your overall disposition when you get enough sleep – we feel ready to take on the world! (or the salon, but you know, small steps, right?)

3. Be more active – whether it’s taking the stairs on the mall instead of escalators, parking a little further down and walking those extra steps, anything counts. Being active is so much more than just working out. It’s taking time to go out and play with your kids, take your dog for a good walk around the neighborhood, etc. It’s good for you and good for your soul. You’ll feel tons better after adding some exercise in your life – we promise!

4. Cleanse face at night, always – you can use all good products in the world for your face, but if you go to bed with makeup on, you are wasting all your energy. It is so important to remove all traces of makeup and go to bed with a clean face! It will prevent acne, racoon eyes, and even eye infections! So even though we are pretty good at it, we will try to make sure we don’t miss a single day!


So there you go! Our beauty resolutions for this 2014! Now we can be held accountable for them as well! What are your resolutions?

Holiday Hair/Looks Inspiration

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Come this time of the year everyone has a Holiday party to attend: be it a family, co-worker, work, or a friend’s party. We love these parties as an excuse to dress up and add that extra step to turn the look a little more festive! So that’s why we gathered together a few very resourceful links for Holiday Looks and specially Holiday Hair!

Daily Makeover has this very resourceful slideshow for 10 Ways to Jazz up your look, with makeup and hair tips. SO worth checking out!

Canadian Family has selected 6 Hair Tutorials that are perfect for this time of the year, and the best part? They are mostly no hassle ones! So go over and select the one that will flatter that special outfit the most!

– Jenny, over at Babblings of a Mommy shared 3 Perfect Do’s on her website! 3 Red Carpet Looks that can be done at home. Though not all are simple, just give yourself some little bit extra time and you’ll be catching the eyes of everyone at your party!

And just because we believe sometimes adding the right accessory can transform your look, here are two beautiful, delicate styles we found floating on Pinterest (yet again! We are obsessed with it!)


via: Pinterest

This just goes to show that a bow can make your hairstyle. A simple half up pony takes on a totally festive look with the added red ribbon. We are fawning over it! Just back comb the front section for some extra oomph, and use a large curling wand (2in barrel) for the subtle wave on the bottom!


via: Pinterest

And here we see how you can take your simple messy bun to the next level! We are lovers of sparkles, specially on this time of the year! So nothing better than to combine this easy do with a sparkly clip for a Holiday ready look. Can you imagine this paired with a red lip? Gorgeous!


Let us know if you have other inspirations or if you want to see more styles! And if you know the original links to the images above, let us know as well! We’d love to give credit to it’s rightful owner! It’s such a beautiful shot!

Winter Hair Color Inspiration Board!

Hi, everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend post-thanksgiving! And hope you all had a great turkey day,not only with amazing food, but also that you took time to be thankful for what really matters in life.

We are doing a quick post today after getting a whole lot of new clients looking to change their color and not really knowing what to do. Well, we took time to put together a lovely inspiration board of our favorite hair colors out there on Pinterest lately.

Even if most people tend to go darker for Winter, it certainly isn’t a law, so our board has a collection of brunettes, red-heads, ombres and of course just blondes. So there’s something for everyone! Take a few seconds to take a look, and who knows?! Maybe you’ll see a color that will catch your attention too!

Fuller Ponytail Tutorial

Hey, everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this Tuesday!

Today we are bringing to you a tutorial that anyone can do. Don’t believe it? All you need are two hair ties. Simple, huh?



To check out the full tutorial, click on the image above!And check their website too! It’s full of great tutorials for you to try!


The one thing we will say is that the last step proved to be a bit confusing to some users.

If you have doubts just keep reading. You don’t need to twist the ponytails together. What they mean is to intertwine pieces of the top pony with the lower one for a more integrated look – so that you won’t see two distinct ponytails. They’ll merge and look like a fuller, longer one.

Let us know if you try this out! And check back in a couple days for another post!