hair-DO or hair-DON’T? Uncovering Hair Myths. Pt. 2

Hair myths are the bane of our existence! There’s so many out there in the world, it becomes hard to keep up with all of them. We’re still trying to uncover the most popular hair myths that you hear about on a day to day basis. 6) You need to skip the conditioner if you […]

hair-DO or hair-DON’T? Uncovering Hair Myths. Pt. I

First and foremost, we always encourage our friends, family and clients to research and educate themselves on any new hair product or hair tool that interests them before investing time and money into it. We are always here to help answer any and all questions that may come up. We’ve all heard of different ways […]

Tabatha’s Tips

Some of us in the salon simply love to watch before/after shows. Be it home, office, bars, we love to see how a space and its team can be vastly improved and utilized. Add that to the fact that Tabatha Coffey, a talented hair stylist, has her own show ” Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” and you’ve […]

Education, education, education

We take education in the salon very seriously. And so should you! It is super important for your stylist to get continuous education throughout her professional life. Some clients wonder why – considering the lines in the salon haven’t switched, and no new products added. Well, we figured we’d take the time to fully explain […]

Brush Care 101

Hi, everyone!   We wanted to keep up with our Spring Cleaning/ Changing posts, so when we stumbled upon The Beauty Department‘s post today we just knew we needed to share it. We all know how important it is to clean your makeup brushes and there are tons of tutorials out there (let us know […]

Tips for your Interview Look

Hi, everyone!   With this new year starting we know how businesses are slowing gearing up again – and with that comes all the interviews and new hires for all companies. Hopefully you received that awaited phone call about coming in for that interview. But now you ask yourself: how should I dress/ look to […]

New Year’s (Beauty) Resolutions

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve started 2014 with the right foot, and that you took time to reflect on your goals for the year ahead. The hard thing about making resolutions is sticking with them. We always have such a strong desire to do our best, but slowly throughout the months it dwindles down and we […]

Holiday Hair/Looks Inspiration

Happy Saturday, everyone! Come this time of the year everyone has a Holiday party to attend: be it a family, co-worker, work, or a friend’s party. We love these parties as an excuse to dress up and add that extra step to turn the look a little more festive! So that’s why we gathered together […]

Winter Hair Color Inspiration Board!

Hi, everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend post-thanksgiving! And hope you all had a great turkey day,not only with amazing food, but also that you took time to be thankful for what really matters in life. We are doing a quick post today after getting a whole lot of new clients looking to change […]

Fuller Ponytail Tutorial

Hey, everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this Tuesday! Today we are bringing to you a tutorial that anyone can do. Don’t believe it? All you need are two hair ties. Simple, huh? via To check out the full tutorial, click on the image above!And check their website too! It’s full of great tutorials […]