First and foremost, we always encourage our friends, family and clients to research and educate themselves on any new hair product or hair tool that interests them before investing time and money into it. We are always here to help answer any and all questions that may come up.

We’ve all heard of different ways to keep our hair healthy. Myths range from the truly unbelievable, outrageous and downright crazy to the so sane it’s hard not believe them. With this technology filled generation, its so easy to find home remedies and cures to bad hair days right at your finger tips.

Keep in mind, not all websites are to be trusted! Not everything on the internet is the truth and it’s important to comb through all the lies to reach the truth. Lucky for you, the Brush Strokes investigative team went deep into the world wide web to uncover those nasty little hair myths.

1) Spit ends can be mended or repaired.

This, unfortunately is so false. Chemical damage, heat damage, sun damage and using to aggressive products are just a few reasons why you could be getting split ends. The only true way to get rid of those pesky split ends would be to cut your hair on a more regular basis. (I would also like to say that even with a decent haircut, your hair may still have some split ends afterwards.)

2) Washing your hair everyday is bad!

When it comes to how often you should be shampooing your hair there isn’t a designated amount of days that professionals recommend because it varies between each person.  Shampooing your hair everyday can be damaging because your scalp creates natural oils that are meant to help protect your hair. However, if you have fine hair, exercise daily or people with extremely oily scalps, shampooing daily may be a recommendation for you. On the other hand, it’s also not healthy “to go as long as you can” without shampooing. This can cause overactive sebum, which is a leading cause to dandruff. You need to determine a happy medium for you and your hair.

3) Pulling a gray hair out will cause two more to grow in its place.

Now, this myth has been around for ages and I don’t see it going away any time soon. Pulling or plucking out your gray hairs will not cause two, three or four more to appear in its place. (It also wont turn the surrounding hairs gray either.) There is NO BENEFIT to pulling out your gray hairs! What your really doing is traumatizing your hair follicle. Over time, repeated trauma to your hair follicle can cause it to rest, which it will then shrink and can no longer produce a healthy hair shaft. Destroying your hair follicle will cause bald patches. If you don’t like your gray hairs, come to us and we’ll color them for you. That is what color is for, after all!

4) You are not allowed to color your hair while your pregnant!

This may have been true ten, maybe even five years ago, but today color has been re-invented and made to be less harmful then you’d think. Back in the days, color was made with formaldehyde and coal-tar dyes which is bad for everyone! Nowa’ days there is so many color lines out there for you to choose from, colors range from high chemical compounds, vegan, organic, ammonia free and the list goes on and on! Your body changes quite a bit during pregnancy, your hormones can change how your hair color turns out or you can become allergic to hair color when you weren’t before pregnancy, but your always welcome to request a patch test to determine how you will react to any color line. If you are concerned about how hair color may effect your baby, we always recommend to speak to your doctor.

5) If you use the same shampoo for too long, your hair will become immune to it.

I will admit, I strongly believed this myth until not too long ago… Many things can cause you to think that your shampoo isn’t doing what it used to, hormonal imbalances may change your hair texture, the weather plays a big role in how your hair feels and how much product you use on a day to day basis can affect how your shampoo works. The most important rule to remember, always choose the shampoo that is right for your hair. If your using the correct products, your hair will never become immune to them. It is fun to switch up your shampoos and try new ones every once in while though.