Hi, everyone!


With this new year starting we know how businesses are slowing gearing up again – and with that comes all the interviews and new hires for all companies.

Hopefully you received that awaited phone call about coming in for that interview. But now you ask yourself: how should I dress/ look to make a good impression, but without exaggerating?

It’s tricky sometimes. A look you’re used to may not be the look a new company is after. There are always the safe options, as well as some basic advice.


1. Look polished, but not overdone.

2. Yes, how you dress is important. But no matter what, make sure your knowledge is what makes you stand out to the interviewer.

3. Confidence is key!


Now, for more detailed tips, we found this great article posted by Cosmopolitan on their website. Worth checking out for tips on makeup looks, hair and even polishes (yes, people DO notice the cracks and that bright blue polish). So give it a go!

And good luck on your interview!