Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve started 2014 with the right foot, and that you took time to reflect on your goals for the year ahead.

The hard thing about making resolutions is sticking with them. We always have such a strong desire to do our best, but slowly throughout the months it dwindles down and we lose the spark. What we like to do is write them down and put them where you can see – so your vanity, your fridge, your closet, etc. Anywhere, really, that you will stop and look, and be reminded of how you strongly you felt about your resolutions when you put them down on paper.

We try to keep them short – and not specific. So we’ve decided to share with you all today our beauty resolutions!


1. Drink more water! – as cliche as it is, it’s true. Water is SO important to regulate your metabolism and to keep both your skin and hair healthy. So many people confuse being hungry with being thirsty and instead of reaching for the water, they reach for a snack instead. It is SO beneficial to drink more water daily. Don’t aim for a number! Try this instead: if you only have one full bottle before lunch, try doing two. Small steps will make reaching your goal easier and will keep you motivated!

2. Sleep more – do any of you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? We certainly do a few days, and end up giving up sleep to get more things done. This year, we plan on turning off that tv earlier, putting down that book and heading to back aiming for those 8 hours. It truly impacts your metabolism and your overall disposition when you get enough sleep – we feel ready to take on the world! (or the salon, but you know, small steps, right?)

3. Be more active – whether it’s taking the stairs on the mall instead of escalators, parking a little further down and walking those extra steps, anything counts. Being active is so much more than just working out. It’s taking time to go out and play with your kids, take your dog for a good walk around the neighborhood, etc. It’s good for you and good for your soul. You’ll feel tons better after adding some exercise in your life – we promise!

4. Cleanse face at night, always – you can use all good products in the world for your face, but if you go to bed with makeup on, you are wasting all your energy. It is so important to remove all traces of makeup and go to bed with a clean face! It will prevent acne, racoon eyes, and even eye infections! So even though we are pretty good at it, we will try to make sure we don’t miss a single day!


So there you go! Our beauty resolutions for this 2014! Now we can be held accountable for them as well! What are your resolutions?