Jane Iredale’s discontinuing products

Effective in December, Jane Iredale will be making the transition to PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation Refills and and their NEW empty rose gold Refillable PurePressed compact only. Eliminating pre-filled PurePressed compacts entirely.

This choice is incredibly wise and eco-friendly which we here at Brush Strokes stand behind. This is an exciting new step for Jane Iredale and we hope that you share their excitement.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact to us at any time. We will be happy to assist you with finding your correct PurePressed color.


Jane Iredale’s newest looks

Jane Iredale releases new products and colors every season to keep up with the latest trends. Their new fall line looks fabulous!

Check out their newest and hottest makeup tip and tricks. Jane Iredale has perfected the 5 minute face – who doesn’t love that?! Check out their youtube channel for more fun and flirty makeup videos.

We have all the new products in stock! Come get those beautifully pigmented eye shadows or the new, fun and playful lip crayons before they’re gone!


Concealer How-to

Have you ever wondered how to best cover your pimples? Or those pesky under eye bags?

You’ve probably heard of the power of concealer then.

But concealers aren’t just for this. They have multiple uses, multiple colors, and formulas. There are tips and tricks on how to put it on, where to put it on, and what to do if you happen to not have them around.

Interested yet?

Check out the Cosmopolitan link and get the inside scoop on how and where to apply concealer.



Jane Iredale is an Industry Innovator!

We just received the new Spring issue of New Beauty magazine. This issue is all about their 10th anniversary! To celebrate, they have a section dedicated to the Beauty Industry’s top 10 Innovators.

We were so happy to see Jane Iredale was picked as the Innovator for the Makeup category. As you all know, and maybe are tired of hearing, we are true fans.

Here are a few points highlighted on why she got the award:

1. Jane Iredale created the first real mineral makeup line, in 1994.

2. She realized there was a lack of makeup the was good for the skin in the market. Makeup that had true skin-care benefits. That’s when the idea of Jane Iredale came to be.

3. To know whether your makeup is made out of pure minerals, and not fillers, make sure Minerals, zinc oxide and mica are the top ingredients. The quality of ingredients is also a great concern.

4. Her most prided product is the Pressed Powder, which is a foundation, powder, sunscreen and concealer all in one.

5. Plastic Surgeons are still one of her biggest supporters. Jane Iredale products are so pure that they can be used after all procedures, including peeling, to nourish the skin and cover up any bruising.

6. Most ingredients used are plant extracts, mostly certified organic and sourced from Europe.

Not only are we so excited to see that the industry recognizes just how great our products are, they value the fact that their ingredients are amazing too. Nowadays consumers are tuned into what ingredients go on their skincare, makeup, and food. It’s not only just about the results, but about what products you put on your skin, and what they can do for you.

We are excited about this change, and proud to stand behind such an amazing brand.

In fact, Jane Iredale also received a Best of Beauty Award for having the best bronzer in the market “This

pretty bronzer gives the face that “I just got back from vacation” glow with the slightest hint of shimmer. $42,”.



To get more information, look into page 094 of the Spring Issue of New Beauty Magazine, and visit Jane Iredale’s website under ” about us”.

Is makeup affecting your life?

Working in the beauty industry, it is pretty much required that you show up to work with your hair and makeup done. We also believe that no matter where you work, you should be putting your best face forward too.

There are 2 types of makeup loving people:

1. The ones that put makeup on to work, but love their bare face to work at home, in the garden, or for a quick grocery stop;

2. The ones that wake up and immediately cover themselves in makeup for fear of people seeing them with nothing on.

Nicole Weaver wrote a post on yahoo! beauty about 7 crazy ways makeup affects your love life.

It’s such a neat piece to read. On one hand, guys will respect you, and be more attracted to you if you wear makeup – consisting of mostly eye makeup and colored lips.

On the other hand, too much makeup drives them away. We all understand it. There are guys that love seeing you all dolled up, but fear hugging, touching, or kissing you and having all that transferred to his clothes. We’ve heard stories of coworkers who put so much makeup on it transferred into their office papers she touched!

It’s all about balance. Women are driven towards makeup, to enhance, mask, cover, or highlight their features. It’s up to how comfortable both of you are with how much/little women like to wear. Nicole does mention on her piece that “A new study found that 57 percent of women would break up with their boyfriend rather than break up with their makeup bag.”

No need taking chances on which one she will choose, right? We’d love to hear how makeup affects your life!


Spring Looks with Jane Iredale

Spring has sprung! And with it, a ton of Spring makeup looks have popped up everywhere.

Spring is one of our favorite makeup seasons. Every artist takes on the beautiful Spring colors seen on trees, birds, flowers, as inspiration. And with that, we have a mixture of pastel, of soft earth tones, of bold colors, richer purples/pinks. There truly is a plethora to choose from.

And with this mindset, they picked out a few examples of what has been seen on the runway and listed the products you can use to achieve it. We’d love to share this with you!



If you’re trying to achieve this look, and more, head over to their makeup blog!

Makeup Looks from the Oscars 2015

As promised, we’re back today to dish on all the makeup trends we’ve seen at the Red Carpet on Sunday.

From bold lips, to nude looks, all big name celebrities rocked some amazing trends. Let’s take a look!


– Bold lips

So many starts rocked this trend, but two names definitely stand out: Chrissy Teigen and Margot Robbie. Chrissy looked amazing head to toe, but her bold wine lipstick stood out- it was lined to perfection, and complimented the bronzy skin. Margot rocked a neon orangy/red lipstick and was the eye catcher of the evening. She did forgo anything else, keeping the rest of her makeup clean and neutral so the color wouldn’t compete.


– Rosy Cheeks/Lips

For this look, we also have two stars that need to be talked about: Anna Kendrick and Chloe Grace Moretz. Anna was head to toe peach perfection. Her blush was flawless and matched her lipstick and gown almost to a “T”. It can get matchy-matchy, but we loved how she opted for a smokey eye look to balance out the peach and it worked. She is by far one of our favorites of the night. Chloe kept things pink and age-appropriate. Her foundation didn’t look heavy and it enhanced her beautiful skin and earring.


– Nude Lips

We’d say for everyone that follows the carpet looks, it was a surprise to see Rita Ora following in the trend. Her signature look is a bold red lip, and we were all excited to see her carrying on a nude lip and bold eye look. It looked really sophisticated and classy. Another celebrity to ace the nude lip look was America Ferrera. Her eyes popped and her accessories shined through. The nude lip was a perfect balance to her look.


For more makeup looks, as well as pictures of all trends, visit Huffinton Post and The Gloss!

Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Do you have plans?

We are having Jane Iredale master makeup artist Georgia Mechlin here with us at the salon for makeup applications as well as great discounts! So check us out for that.

We also wanted to share a few makeup looks to try this Valentine’s Day! Some of which you should be able to accomplish at home as well.

Some girls are afraid of pink eye shadows. And we agree that you should be careful. Some of them may give the impression of irritation or allergies. So if you want to stay away from coating all your leyelid, a smokey look with a dash of pink would be the perfect option to go with.



If a black, bold look isn’t for you, don’t fret! You can achieve the same smokey look with natural hues. It makes it not only easy to apply, but go perfectly with a daytime plan.



Some women prefer to take on a simpler approach, and still emphasize their eyes. To achieve that, we suggest an eye opening makeup look. Not only is it a simple enough look that you can recreate, but your valentine won’t be able to look away from you. For an additional flair, add some half lashes at the end to achieve the fuller look on the lashes.



Linda Halbergs approach to the look is less intimidating to our valentines. She keeps the eye makeup on earthy tones, and her lips remain mainly natural, with a sheen of pink. Lots of women think this is more smooch-friendly than red lips.



Most clients that we have want to rock some beautiful bold red lips. It’s Valentine’s after all. I know most guys usually shy away from such bold colors because they don’t want it to get on them or their clothes, but there are tricks to ensure that. First and foremost, opt for a STAIN instead of lip color. Once dry, they don’t budge! Jane Iredale has their Lip Fixations that truly do stay put – plus, they are made with all natural ingredients. Second trick is to apply your lip color, blot with a tissue and even adding some light dusting of powder over the tissue to lock it in. We still prefer the stain method, and all you need to do is moisturize it.




This last look is for the fearless ladies. The ones that take Valentine’s as an opportunity to go all out. This beautiful deep red scream passion and the gold eyes are a nice complement to the bold lips.



Whatever you preference, make sure to create a look that will spark confidence – there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

And if you need any help, we still have a couple of spots open. So call us and take advantage of having your makeup done by a professional, using pharmaceutical grade makeup that will keep your skin beautiful too.


Working with an Eyeshadow Pencil

Many of our clients have a hard time understanding eye shadow pens. And after years of relying on normal eyeshadows it’s easy to understand. There is no real mystery in using them. They are this magic sticks that apply the eye shadow in cream format, allowing some time for you to blend it, until it sets and doesn’t move.

The gals at Beauty Department put together a nice tutorial as to where the placement of the shadow should be, and techniques on how to get the shadow blended on your lid. Click here and check it out!

Jane Iredale has these beautiful shadow sticks called Mystikols. They are not exactly creamy in texture. They are a mix of powder + cream. They stay on your lids, but you can move them around a bit as well. Let us know whether you’d like to see the same technique on The Beauty Department’s blog post using our Mystikols.



How Makeup Can Age You

We can all agree that well applied makeup does wonders for ourselves – even our self-esteem. We can also agree that we all know when a girl put just too much makeup that it actually emphasizes her skin issues and ages her.


Elle magazine, in collaboration with Bobbi Brown, recently published an article about how makeup can age you. It’s truly informative and we definitely think you should take a look and find out how to best apply your makeup and bring your features out.


Just click on the link to read it!