As promised, we’re back today to dish on all the makeup trends we’ve seen at the Red Carpet on Sunday.

From bold lips, to nude looks, all big name celebrities rocked some amazing trends. Let’s take a look!


– Bold lips

So many starts rocked this trend, but two names definitely stand out: Chrissy Teigen and Margot Robbie. Chrissy looked amazing head to toe, but her bold wine lipstick stood out- it was lined to perfection, and complimented the bronzy skin. Margot rocked a neon orangy/red lipstick and was the eye catcher of the evening. She did forgo anything else, keeping the rest of her makeup clean and neutral so the color wouldn’t compete.


– Rosy Cheeks/Lips

For this look, we also have two stars that need to be talked about: Anna Kendrick and Chloe Grace Moretz. Anna was head to toe peach perfection. Her blush was flawless and matched her lipstick and gown almost to a “T”. It can get matchy-matchy, but we loved how she opted for a smokey eye look to balance out the peach and it worked. She is by far one of our favorites of the night. Chloe kept things pink and age-appropriate. Her foundation didn’t look heavy and it enhanced her beautiful skin and earring.


– Nude Lips

We’d say for everyone that follows the carpet looks, it was a surprise to see Rita Ora following in the trend. Her signature look is a bold red lip, and we were all excited to see her carrying on a nude lip and bold eye look. It looked really sophisticated and classy. Another celebrity to ace the nude lip look was America Ferrera. Her eyes popped and her accessories shined through. The nude lip was a perfect balance to her look.


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