Thousands of men and women suffer from thinning hair. Previously thinning hair was an issue linked mainly to men, though in the past few years more women have been suffering from it – or coming forth about this issue.

So before we talk about how to treat it, let’s understand the causes of hair loss.



1. Abusive Styling Practices:

Every time you use a product on the scalp, flat iron your hair, blow dry it or even curl it you inflict damage upon your hair follicle. While there are some really nice products that minimize the damage, it is not recommended that you style your hair frequently. Try to go at least 3 days without using a heat tool to give time for the hair to heal.


2. Excessive Chemical Services:

Straightening services (other than the Keratin), color, highlights, perms – all these services add up damage to the hair. Again, there are some really advanced products out in the market that have as little chemicals as possible in their formulas, and work just as well with the same results delivered. Make sure to consult with your stylist as to what chemicals are on the products they use and what damages they inflict on your hair.


3. Poor Scalp Health:

This can be associated with lack of nutrients in the body, or not using the right products for your hair. Make sure your diet is rich and that you are ingesting the recommended amount of vitamins.


Now, on to how to treat the problem!


Eufora’s  most recent launch, Thickening Regimen, is targeted towards women that suffer from thinning hair (they have another line targeting men – more on that on another post).

The complete regimen has 5 products: (from left to right) Cleansing treatment (your shampoo), conditioning Treatment, Thickening Serum, Scalp Treatment and Nutritional Support.

The Cleansing Treatment is an antioxidant rich shampoo that creates an optimal scalp environment for hair growth.

The Conditioning Treatment has ProAmino Cell Therapy, which strengthens thinning hair to prevent breakage and increase elasticity, while delivering shine and silky softness.

Thickening Serum is a styling product that creates volume and fullness to the hair.

Scalp Treatment is a very concentrated formula that helps prevent fallout with maximum ProAmino Cell Therapy. It works above and bellow the scalp to create an optimal scalp environment.

Lastly, the Nutritional Support is a daily vitamin supplement with the essential dietary support required for beautiful and healthy hair growth.



We in the salon have been trying the new line out, and so have a few of our clients. We are happy to say the results have been great so far! While we haven’t been trying out for the recommended 3 month period to get full results, we do see a lot less hair fallout during shower and brushing! We love it!

Call us or pop by for a more in depth explanation flyer, as well as a chat with Mary (salon owner and hair designer) for more on the line.