Thinning Hair? Not anymore!

Thousands of men and women suffer from thinning hair. Previously thinning hair was an issue linked mainly to men, though in the past few years more women have been suffering from it – or coming forth about this issue. So before we talk about how to treat it, let’s understand the causes of hair loss. […]

Daily Steps for Healthy Hair

Hi, everyone! Welcome back! To jump start this week we have a few nice tips on how to keep your hair healthy. We’ve touched, on the past posts, on what products to use on your hair. Beyond that, some choices you make throughout the day definitely matter on maintaining you hair healthy and soft.   […]

Most Common Beauty Blunders

Do you automatically reach for that foundation and put it all over your face? Or abuse of that black eyeliner to bring definition to your eyes? Well, you might be a victim of a beauty blunder without even realizing it! Cara, from shows us the most common Beauty Blunders, and how to correctly apply […]

How To Get Beachy Waves at Home

Check out the article below on how to achieve beachy waves in your hair at home!  We love this look!   Source:

Cool Vintage Hair Comb Styles

Check out the hairstyles below.  Don’t you love them?   Source:  

Flatter Your Hair With Your Makeup

Yes, there are ways to bring out your hair with the way you do your makeup.  Read more from the article below.

Solutions For Common Makeup Mistakes

We all make mistakes when doing our makeup.  The article below discusses some common ones and solutions on how to fix them. Still unsure if you are getting your makeup right?  Schedule an appointment with us so one of our makeup artists can give you an amazing look for your next event.

Side Swept Chignon

This side swept chignon is a great hairstyle for many events.  Give it a try the next time you’re going out or schedule an appointment to have one of our stylist do it for you! Source:    

Benefits to Wearing No Makeup

Not wearing makeup can offer many benefits for your skin, read the article below to learn more.