Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Hi, everyone! At this point, it should be no news to anybody how obsessed we are with Pinterest. You should check our boards, we are updating constantly! While browsing it today, we came in contact with this really interesting article posted at Beauty High site. We have, in the past, touched base with how to […]

New Holiday Collection by Jane Iredale

Welcome back, everyone! Hope you’re all having a great Saturday so far. Today we wanted to share with you these new products that just came out. Inspired by the glamour of Great Gatsby, Jane Iredale came out with the new beautiful Gilded and Gifted Collection, containing a beautiful Rose-Gold Eye and Lip Palette, and the […]

Fall Sophisticated Look

Happy Friday! Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons: weather is nice, leaves turn all sorts of yellows, oranges and red, and of course: pumpkin everything! As promised, we are following up on our Fall Makeup Trends with a tutorial on the ones that stood out the most to us – and that would […]

Most Common Beauty Blunders

Do you automatically reach for that foundation and put it all over your face? Or abuse of that black eyeliner to bring definition to your eyes? Well, you might be a victim of a beauty blunder without even realizing it! Cara, from Maskcara.com shows us the most common Beauty Blunders, and how to correctly apply […]

Flatter Your Hair With Your Makeup

Yes, there are ways to bring out your hair with the way you do your makeup.  Read more from the article below.   http://www.thehairstyler.com/features/articles/beauty/makeup-ideas-to-flatter-your-hair-color?ref=homepage

Solutions For Common Makeup Mistakes

We all make mistakes when doing our makeup.  The article below discusses some common ones and solutions on how to fix them.   http://www.thehairstyler.com/features/articles/beauty/common-makeup-mistakes-and-how-to-avoid-them?class=title&ref=homepage Still unsure if you are getting your makeup right?  Schedule an appointment with us so one of our makeup artists can give you an amazing look for your next event.

Benefits to Wearing No Makeup

Not wearing makeup can offer many benefits for your skin, read the article below to learn more. http://www.beauty-tips.net/makeuptips/general/bare-face.htm#axzz2ZnfIYYn2

Should You Be Wearing Black Mascara?

Do you always find yourself grabbing the black tube of mascara when you are shopping for cosmetics?  Well, that might not be the best color for you.  The article below will tell you why and offer alternative suggestions. http://www.beauty-tips.net/makeuptips/general/myth-of-black-mascara.htm#axzz2ZnfIYYn2

Master The Art of Shaping Your Eyebrows

You have probably heard a lot about how important a well shaped brow is for your face.  Well, it’s true.  The article below shows you how to achieve the right brow shape for your face because what works for your best friend, might not work for you as well. http://makeupblog.janeiredale.com/blog/2010/06/04/how-to-shape-your-eyebrows-like-a-pro/

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Take a look at this eye makeup tutorial.  You will learn step by step how to achieve the look. http://fashionbewitch.com/eye-makeup-tutorial-pictures-for-easy-make-up.html