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At this point, it should be no news to anybody how obsessed we are with Pinterest. You should check our boards, we are updating constantly!

While browsing it today, we came in contact with this really interesting article posted at Beauty High site. We have, in the past, touched base with how to apply makeup when wearing glasses, but finding out what NOT to do caught our interest.


Click on the image to go to their tutorial, but be sure to check back at the end of this post after you’ve read it! We do have a small note to make regarding one of the mistakes they’ve listed!




Aside from the rest, the suggestion that you should wear anything besides a yellow concealer can be confusing.

Your concealer shade depends on what kind of skin issues you are working with.

If you’re trying to fight those dark circles, we definitely reach for the pink/salmon concealers to cancel out the purple tones.

If you’re dealing with severe dark circles, then the yellow would be great at fighting that blue-ish tint.

Green concealer works wonders on any red spots you may have. Once you’ve neutralized the red with the green concealer, just go over the area with your normal color foundation for a perfect blend.


We hope the tips helped, and we hope you feel more confident when doing your makeup if you are a glasses wearer! Let us know if there are any other tips you know that work wonders, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a trick on how to do a perfect cat eye!