We’ve had a great number of clients who have approached us about makeup tips for mature skin. We all know how skin changes with age, and how we have to adapt our routine to always highlight the best of our features.

Today we are bringing you with a few tips on how to highlight the best of your features, without bringing too much attention to any problem areas ( be it wrinkles, dark spots, etc) you might have.


1. Hydration is Key

– Our skin tends to lose the ability to produce natural oils with time. So you definitely want to start your routine by applying moisturizer, or a hydrating primer such as Smooth Affair, from Jane Iredale. It prepares the skin for makeup, while adding moisture back to your skin.


2. Less is More

– One makeup mistake we see very often is “caked on” looks. We know mature skin can suffer from dark spots and under eye darkness, but keep in mind that the more you cake on products, the more attention that spot will get. Opt for starting with just a little product for your overall foundation, and for a light concealer.


3. Stay away from Thick products

– If you suffer from under eye bags, or fine lines, you should always opt for a light formula concealer. Thick formulas tend to accentuate the area, and can set into those fine lines. It’ll be the only thing you can see, even if the concealer covers your darkness.

We tend to opt for a light foundation (be it liquid or powder – more on that later), and then, only then, do we reach for a concealer. You’ll be surprised by just how much a foundation can cover. Apply a light layer of concealer where you deem necessary. We know Jane has tons of concealer options, but we absolutely love the Active Lights for sheer to medium coverage, and for those suffering from heavy hyperpigmentation or rosacea we love using Enlighten – a heavier formula that won’t cake.


4. Go for the Flush

– Nothing screams healthy skin more than a nice flush on your cheeks. So reach for that blush! Cream or powder, as long as you apply it correctly it will sit beautifully on the skin without settling on your fine lines.


5. Don’t forget the Brows

– As we age, our brows tend to get thinner, and lighter. Doing your brows should be an essential step on your routine, and it’ll not only bring your eyes to attention, but it’ll frame your face beautifully. We recommend the Pure Brow gel for starters, they are easy to apply and deliver just the right amount of coverage. We don’t believe in overdoing them either – make sure they look natural, not identical. Follow the right lines.

If you have any gaps, fill them in, lightly, with either pencil or powder, then proceed to apply the gel to set them.


6. Favor liquids

– If you’re using a primer, chances are  you’ll be fine applying a powder without it accentuating any fine lines. Jane powders are very fine, and should be applied lightly. You can always add more layers, but if you use too much product you will not love your skin.

Our more mature clients tend to favor the Liquid Minerals foundation. It’s packed with antioxidants that will help maintain the health of your skin, and deliver great coverage.



So, there you go. If you have any tips please share on the comment bellow!