Come Summer, our skin changes. The heat tends to make most of us oily, and our biggest concern is that our makeup will stay put. ( And our hair staying frizz-free,but that is a post for a different time)

In our years of doing hair + makeup for events, we know a few key points to make sure your makeup will last throughout the day, and throughout your event.


– Prep the skin

We are true believers of Absence Oil Control Primer. It’s perfect for creating a barrier between the skin and the makeup, and not only will it prime it, but it will create a barrier to absorb your skin oiliness throughout the day. If you have dry skin, even during summers, or even a combination, you can certainly use a different primer, like Smooth Affair. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated, and ready for the makeup.


– Facial Spritz

Jane Iredale currently provides three different Facial Spritz: Pommist (geared towards rosacea skin), D2O ( for your  sensitive / dry skin) and Balance ( for your oily skin, with green tea extract). For better results, spritz before everything, and then once all your powder products have been applied. Applying it on top of powders will make them set with a more natural finish.


– Oil Blotting Papers

No matter what you do sometimes, your skin can get shiny. You don’t have to get more powder to make it matte. Next time, try using some sort of Oil Blotting Sheet, just blot it lightly on your face, and it will absorb the oils and leave your makeup on your face.


– Use Powders

We highly recommend using powders instead of liquid during the summer, for added lasting power. Jane Iredale’s powders also have SPF, so they double as your sunscreen as well!



Also, this is a big reminder. We mean BIG. Do you know what kind of chemicals you’re putting on your face and body? Do you read ingredient lists at all? Do you check the safety of your cosmetics? If you answered no to any of these question we highly recommend you to do so.

We are all about making sure that our clients get the best products. So next time you run out of your blush, or eyeshadow, or even foundation,I would take a peek at the website EWG ( Environmental Working group) and see how safe your product is.

That’s why we only carry Jane Iredale with us. We encourage you to check them on the website, and see for yourself the quality of ingredients.

This video we found on today is living proof of why it’s so important to be educated about your cosmetics and products in general.