Hi, everyone! Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away? Where has 2013 gone?

Well, anyway. We touched base last post on a couple of tutorials for your hair and makeup for upcoming Holiday parties.

One thing we wanted to go over as well is a couple tips on how to best care for your hair this season! We all know how damaging summer can be on the hair (talk about sun damage, and salty water or chlorine from beaches and pools. Now, winter time the worries are others: dry, frizzy hair, static, and over use of styling tools.

Here are a few tips:

Hot showers are amazing, but terrible: it’s true. To compensate the cold weather outside, we all love to indulge in a hot shower. As is “steam all over your bathroom like the deepest of fogs” hot. They just make you feel better inside. But they are terrible on both your hair and skin. Try avoiding those super hot temperatures and opt for a warm shower instead. Your hair won’t be dried out, and neither will your skin.

Deep conditioner is a must: we love to pamper ourselves with a deep conditioning treatment once a week. On winter, if you have thicker hair, you may even want to do it twice a week. All the moisture will be welcome. And try to follow it with a leave in conditioner (should be used every day!), to protect your hair from getting dry and frizzy outside.

Dryer sheets and deep conditioner are a must to fight static: we read it in a few posts already how dryer sheets are handy even for your head. Just stick a couple in your makeup bag and run it over your hair when needed. It’s a life saver. But always, always deep condition to add moisture to your hair. Another option is to run a tiny bit of dry wax through the top of your hair to calm the frizzies down.

Don’t wash every day: try to start washing your hair every other day, and then amp up to every third day wash. It isn’t necessary to wash your hair every day. Your hair needs the natural oils it produces to keep your scalp healthy and flake free.

Heat Tools: with all the Holiday Parties this time of the year the use of styling tools is inevitable. To protect your hair, always, always use a heat protectant. Also, when curling the hair, start from mid shaft and slowly incorporate the tips in the curler – this will insure that your ends won’t get fried from over heating it!


Come back in a couple days for another post! And of course, if you have more tips, please comment bellow or share it with us on our facebook page!





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  1. You have give very important haircare tips for winter. It is indeed very important for everyone to take good care of their hair to keep them healthy during the winter season. I have followed these tips and they have worked well on my hair.