Happy Thursday, everyone!


Today we put together a post about makeup for glasses. Many people feel that glasses overpower the face, therefore they see no need to add makeup to the face. Others feel like the same routine can be used regardless of whether you’re wearing glasses, or not.

In our experience, a few tweaks are all you need to make sure your makeup is ready to go for those days when you just don’t want to reach for your contacts.

What we believe in is: makeup is always a must. And we don’t mean a full on smokey eye on a daily basis, but at least a few simple things to enhance your natural beauty.

It all depends on your frames: There are TONS of frames out there – invisible, thick, colored, multicolor. It all plays a role on what is going to look better on.

We found this handy post, by totalbeauty.com, on a variety of makeup applications on different frames, as well as this youtube video, from the beauty department, on how to enhance your features when wearing glasses with a few makeup products.