Yes, you read it right! Did you know you can take your hair care routine a step further by mixing products you may already have in your home?

We, and a lot of our clients use and approve of one of our main hair care lines – Eufora.

It truly is a great line. All based in certified organic Aloe Vera gel, top quality botanical ingredients, as well as soy, wheat and hair keratin proteins. There is also no water added in their formulas, so a little product goes a long way. If you’re not achieving the lather you want, just add a bit more water – it should do the trick!

But back to the cocktails! A lot of people have their own preferred concoction to achieve the best look, others just want a quick ” do-it-all” product. Eufora’s products are great by themselves, but you can take them a step further by mixing some products together for an even greater result!


Extend the life of your color and perm services

Blend a quarter size dollop of Sculpture Styling Glaze and 3-4 spritzes of Illuminate Shine Mist into your palms. Apply to towel dried hair. Reapply every time you cleanse and condition your hair for maximum results.

The Styling Glaze is a great product for adding grip to your hair and making your job of styling it (be it after a blow dry or adding curls) much easier. It’s malleable and won’t leave your hair stiff. By adding the shine mist, you’re helping seal the hair cuticle, bringing out the shine and softness of the hair, as well as sealing the color and perm treatment.


Create volume, body and manageability

Use a quarter size dollop of Sculpture Styling Glaze, or two quarter size Formation Whipped Styling Solution sprays on towel dry hair. Halfway through your blow dry, spray Volume Fusion Spray throughout the hair. Finish drying and style as usual.

The styling glaze and the formation whipped solution add just the right amount of grip to your hair, so that when you spray the volume spray, you’ll have an easier time reaching the desired volume – as well as keeping it throughout the day.


Add shine without the weight

For thicker, coarser hair, blend Sculpture Styling Glaze with Pure Polish Finishing Drops in your palm and work through towel dry hair.

For finer hair, you may want to skip the Pure Polish Drops. It’s a great product, but it’s a bit too thick for fine hair, and will weigh it down. Instead, mix the Sculpture Glaze with Illuminate Shine Spray, which will deliver the same shiny finish without the weight.

This is not only great to add shine, but this mix helps to eliminate frizz, leaving your hair smooth and soft.


Add moisture back into curly hair

For dry, coarse hair, work in your palm a pump or two of the Hydration Leave-in Conditioner and a couple of the Beautifying Serum pumps.

Work though whole hair, focusing more on the ends (that usually are drier, and require more moisture). This will ensure soft, manageable hair, as well as no frizzies!


Do you have any favorite mixes? Even if not Eufora, what works best for your hair? Let us know on the comments bellow! And also, feel free to ask us about cocktails for specific problems or hair types! We’d love to answer and help you.