Hi, everyone!  Hope you are all doing fantastic today despite it being a little chilly.

Halloween is exactly a week away (and Holidays are coming closer! Where did 2013 go?!). But we know all about last minute parties, and scrambling to get your costume. Which is why we gathered a few make up looks that could work both with your costumes and also BE your costume.

Of course we are not all makeup artists, so in our selection we got a few easier looks and of course some beautiful extravagant ones by some really good makeup artists out there!



(via grzee.blogspot.com)



(via Erin Schmalz)



(via illusion – MAC Session by Karin Stone)



(via Flex Dreams – by Stanislav Istratov)

All pictures were found on Pinterest, and of course credit goes to each individual makeup artist – please check their beautiful work out. We selected only a few of the hundreds of looks worth sharing with you all.


If you’re feeling a bit more daring, check out our pinterest board for more inspiration on looks! There are some really great tutorials out there to compliment your halloween costume, and of course, if you decide to use one of the looks, be sure to tag us on your photos on facebook, twitter, or even pin it on pinterest so we can see!