Hi, everyone.


Welcome back to our blog! We’ve experienced some changes and we were unable to post for a while, but we are back in business!

Today we wanted to share a new Eufora product with you, and also show you the before and after of using it.

Eufora recently came out with a new line: Beautifying Elixir’s Color Revive. Their premise is: “keep your hair fresh and vibrant in between salon visits with these concentrated formulas to eliminate brassiness in blonds and highlighted hair, deliver vibrant tones to brunettes and copper-reds, while adding shine.”


The best part? It can also be used in non-color treated hair. So you can get the benefit of a vibrant color without having to commit to coloring the hair.

Of course we wanted to try it out as soon as we got them – and that’s just what we did. So here’s our first hand experience with the product. And let me prepare you: it’s about to be good!

So here’s a comparison above and bellow of before and after applying the product.
We did not use any flash, or photoshop. We used our salon’s ceiling light and that’s it.



Can you SEE that red? It’s so vibrant! We are in awe! And all it took was 5 minutes. We are beyond impressed!


Here’s the breakdown on how to use it:

– Mix the product (comes in a 1oz. pump bottle – and you should use 1-3 pumps tops) with your conditioner or hair masque (the product comes with a mini Beautifying Elixir’s Clay Masque ) and leave it on for 5 minutes.

– Rinse off.

And that’s it.

*Our experience is that you should rinse off your hair with colder water (doesn’t have to be freezing, but definitely cooler) to seal the hair cuticle. Because the only real downside is that the color transfers a bit right after applying. So just don’t use your fancy white towel when doing it, and really follow their direction in using a glove to apply, cause it’ll stain your hands for a bit. But right after blow drying the hair we did not see any transfer whatsoever. You will though see the product coming out in the following washes, but no stains on towels to report!

But judging by the amazing results, we definitely recommend this product, and will use them ourselves. Next we will try it in brunettes and blondes to see the results!