It truly feels like walking into a comfortable home where people are warm and welcoming. I know my time is respected and I won’t be kept waiting forever and a day, though I do try to fit in a couple of their great cookies before I jump in the chair.

Everyone at Brush Strokes is always doing some kind of continuing advanced education. They take the time to master their craft and it shows in their work. Not every stylist does that.

What I love most about Brush Strokes is Melodie because she knows your hair is more than just your hair. When I started seeing her over a year ago my hair was seriously damaged from an nutritional deficit. Over time Melodie nursed my hair back to health and it’s done wonders for my self-image. We’ve even taken my hair style in a direction I’d never have considered before. That could only happen with a stylist I trust and I trust Melodie.

You’ll love this place too.