Overnight No-heat Curls

We know not everyone owns a curling wand or different sized barrels to curl their hair.

We also know that some of our clients are against the idea of using too much heat on their hair. So it was fun to find this great tutorial by Kayley Melissa.



She is super talented, young, and took this tutorial to another level.

We’ve seen this being done with a strechy headband, but sometimes curls would end up too small, and it was hard to keep it at place while you slept.

We really liked her take on it. It’s super easy, and anyone can do it!

If you decide to try it, let us know!


And don’t forget to visit her website and be in on every tutorial/ hairstyle she does.

Weekly Roundup

Hi, everyone!


Today we are back with a quick round up of some great tutorials out there.


1. 25 Ways to Up your Ponytail

This article has styles for every ponytail lover. From quick and messy, to braided and preppy, there is something here for everyone.


2. Ponytails for Curly Hair

We wouldn’t leave our curly gals without rounding up styles that would work with their natural texture as well. A quick help to tame flyaways is to spray some hairspray on your hands (we are particularly fond of the Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray) and going over the top of your head. This prevents excessive product from being used, while calming down frizz and securing the style.


3. 18 Stunning Wedding Makeup Looks

This is a very complete style guide, for brides with all sorts of makeup styles. From natural and airy to smoky and bold, brides can refer back to these ideas for their look. Remember, just because you are a natural makeup wearer on a daily basis, doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to go to town with your makeup. It’s about what will make you feel more beautiful on your special day.


Are you going to try any of these tutorials? If you do, please let us know by tagging us on facebook or tweeting us @brushstrokesva