Monthly Specials

Brush Strokes Med Spa
711 Pine street, Herndon ,VA 20170


Photo Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Acne Scars, Vein Treatment, Pigmentation
ONE Session ……… – $149
THREE Sessions …. – $399

Laser Hair Removal

Small Area

Chin, Upper Lip, Between Eyebrows, Sideburns, Abdomen Line, Areola, Cheek, Forehead
$239*- Six treatments

Medium Area
Underarms, Bikini Line, Front of Neck, Back of Neck, Feet,
$399*- Six treatments

Large Area
Upper Legs, Lower Legs, Upper Back, Lower Back, Shoulders, Brazilian, Chest, Abdomen, Upper Arms, Forearms
$479*- Six treatments

Unlimited Skin Care Package- $959*

Unlimited treatment areas ( MAX 30 MINS)   (9 appointments ) within 1 year of purchase of package.

Unlimited Face & Neck – $559*
Unlimited treatment areas ( MAX 30 MINS) (6 appointments ) with 30 within 1 year of purchase of package.

Unlimited Waist Above – $1119*

Unlimited treatment areas ( MAX 60 MINS) ( 10 appointments ) within 1 year of purchase of package.

Unlimited Waist Below – $1119*
Unlimited treatment areas.(MAX 60 MINS)  (10 appointments)  within 1 year of purchase of package.

Unlimited FULL BODY-$1519*

Unlimited treatment areas (MAX 60 MINS). ( 12 appointments) within 1 year of purchase of package.

*20% OFF

Reg Price: Small Area: $299, Medium Area: $499, Large Area: $599.
Reg Price: UnlimitedSkinCare: $1199, UnlimitedFace & Neck:$699, UnlimitedWaistAbove: $1399, Unlimited Waist Below: $1399, Unlimited Full Body: $1899


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