The Art of the Pull Apart

We see it everywhere. Beautiful braids, gorgeous, big braids, and when we try to recreate it, they are tiny and lack the dimension of the tutorial. Well, a really amazing blogger/youtuber Kayley Melissa just handed us the secrets to getting the perfect pull apart braid. She does use different brands than we have available at the […]

Fixing the Back Part of your Hair

The next tutorial is by a face you are no stranger to. She did it again. Kate, at the Small Things Blog, approached a subject that coincidentally enough, one of our clients that came today deals with.   The Back Part.     The Back part is nothing more than the continuation of your normal […]

Fuller Ponytail Tutorial

Hey, everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this Tuesday! Today we are bringing to you a tutorial that anyone can do. Don’t believe it? All you need are two hair ties. Simple, huh? via To check out the full tutorial, click on the image above!And check their website too! It’s full of great tutorials […]