Blink of a Smoky Eye

Jane Iredale has released two new amazing products.

– Blink in a Smoky Eye Kit – Its a beautifully created kit with 5 eye shadow colors and 3 contouring colors to create an endless amount of day or night time smoky eyes. Also included is an instruction booklet on how to create the perfect smoky eye.

– Forever Red Just Kissed Cheek and Lip Stain – Before they released the Forever Red, there was only Forever Peach, which was a huge hit! There are many great things about these Just Kissed Cheek and Lip stain! They double for a blush stain which will last all day. Also, the color will change or adjust according to the chemistry in your skin, so it doesn’t look the same on every person. It adjusts to your skin tone to make sure that the color pops with your skin!

Stop by the salon to pick up one or both products while they’re still here!

*Supplies are limited.


Here’s a great video tutorial from their you-tube channel.


Jane Iredale’s discontinuing products

Effective in December, Jane Iredale will be making the transition to PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation Refills and and their NEW empty rose gold Refillable PurePressed compact only. Eliminating pre-filled PurePressed compacts entirely.

This choice is incredibly wise and eco-friendly which we here at Brush Strokes stand behind. This is an exciting new step for Jane Iredale and we hope that you share their excitement.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact to us at any time. We will be happy to assist you with finding your correct PurePressed color.


Is makeup affecting your life?

Working in the beauty industry, it is pretty much required that you show up to work with your hair and makeup done. We also believe that no matter where you work, you should be putting your best face forward too.

There are 2 types of makeup loving people:

1. The ones that put makeup on to work, but love their bare face to work at home, in the garden, or for a quick grocery stop;

2. The ones that wake up and immediately cover themselves in makeup for fear of people seeing them with nothing on.

Nicole Weaver wrote a post on yahoo! beauty about 7 crazy ways makeup affects your love life.

It’s such a neat piece to read. On one hand, guys will respect you, and be more attracted to you if you wear makeup – consisting of mostly eye makeup and colored lips.

On the other hand, too much makeup drives them away. We all understand it. There are guys that love seeing you all dolled up, but fear hugging, touching, or kissing you and having all that transferred to his clothes. We’ve heard stories of coworkers who put so much makeup on it transferred into their office papers she touched!

It’s all about balance. Women are driven towards makeup, to enhance, mask, cover, or highlight their features. It’s up to how comfortable both of you are with how much/little women like to wear. Nicole does mention on her piece that “A new study found that 57 percent of women would break up with their boyfriend rather than break up with their makeup bag.”

No need taking chances on which one she will choose, right? We’d love to hear how makeup affects your life!