Keratin Treatments seem to come and go in the beauty world spot light. Being called the next big trend, even though these treatments have been available in salons for decades. You’ve also seen them targeted at clients for specific hair types, lengths, color, or even season. Here’s a little secret; Keratin Treatments are perfect for all types, and are great anytime of year. 


What is Keratin?

Without deep diving into the science of hair, Keratin is basically a kind of protein that is made up of mostly cysteine type amino acids. It makes up to 95% of your hair, and is also a major part of your skin and nails too. Loss of Keratin can lead to damage, leading to breakage in hair or cracking in skin or nails. 

Other factors can damage your hair, or cause a loss of Keratin. Factors such as chlorine and salt water, non-professional shampoos and conditioners, age, at-home color, sun exposure, and repeated or consistent heat styling. Thankfully, Keratin Treatments offer a chance to repair every day damage while allowing your hair to be soft, silky, shiny, and smooth. It also, cuts down blow-drying time, as well as sealing your hair and allowing some color treatments to last longer.


Brush Strokes Salon Options


Keratin Complex

The biggest line, with 5 treatment options, is Keratin Complex. 

The Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment is the signature Keratin Treatment. This treatment usually takes 3+ hours to apply, and has a 72 hour waiting period before you can wash your hair again. The upside is that with proper home care this treatment can last up to 5 months, and a color service can be done the same day. 

The Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Blonde Hair is applied like the original treatment, and has the same waiting period, but it is best for blonde, gray, white, over processed, and fragile hair. Just like the original treatment, a color service can be done the same day and it can  also last for up to 5 months with proper home care. 

The Express Blow Out is like the little brother of the original and blonde treatments. This quick treatment can be applied in and hour to an hour and a half, and color services can be done before the treatment. This treatment only has a 24 hour waiting period, and only lasts up to 6 weeks with proper home care. 

The newest treatments to the Keratin Complex brand are the Personalized Blow Out Same Day Keratin Treatment for Styled Finishes or Natural Curl Finish. These are glycolic treatments, meaning that they change your hair from the inside out. Because they are glycolic, color services are recommended to be done after the treatments are applied. There is also no wait time for when you can wash your hair, and these treatments can last up to 3 months with proper home care. The time for application varies depending on they way you would like your hair styled, so anywhere from 1.5 to 6 hours.

With such a wide range, this brand has something available for everyone.



Just like the Personalized Blow Out from Keratin Complex, this is a glycolic treatment. You can have a color service done on the same day, but it is recommended to apply after treatment. The difference between Cezanne and Keratin Complex is that this treatment can last up to 5 months depending on home care. This treatment has a 24 hour wait period before washing, and can take a minimum of 3 hours to apply. 


Keratin Express Plus

Keratin Express is exactly what it says it is. An express treatment, similar to the Express Blow Out by Keratin Complex. It also has a 24 hour wait period before washing and can take a minimum of an hour and a half to apply. The difference between the two is that this treatment can last between 10 to 12 weeks depending on home care. It also has a slight chocolate-y smell while processing. 


Home Care

Each line we offer for treatment offers corresponding home care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, at home treatments & styling products. The Eufora line also offers products perfect for prolonging the life of your Keratin Treatment. Your stylist will recommend which products are best for your lifestyle and the treatment type you received. Regular use of these items will help you maintain your Keratin Treatment or even extend its normal longevity. 


Keratin Treatments offer a wide range of benefits, and we at Brush Strokes Salon offer a variety of treatment and home care options to fit every lifestyle and need. Schedule your Keratin Treatment appointment today or talk to your stylist about which treatment type would be best for you!