Brush Strokes is now proud to offer T-Hair Tape-in Extensions by Cinderella Hair in an on demand capacity. We are also offering custom orders from their six other types of extensions, including the Infinite Hair Extensions Clip-in System (link). All of Cinderella’s extensions are made of 100% human remy hair which means the hair cuticle is facing the same direction which prevents tangling and matting.  Another great thing about Cinderella Hair Extensions is the quality. They are guaranteed to last up to 6 months when applied by a Brush Strokes Salon Stylist and with proper maintenance recommendations are followed. Ask your stylist about Cinderella Hair Extensions at your next appointment. 

Before you take the “extension plunge” make sure you consider a few things first. For example:

What is your lifestyle like? 

Extensions of any type require maintenance and care, and some require a lot more that others. Do you have the time and the patience to take care of your new hair? Looking for something easier to maintain and to change up your look in a snap? Then the Infinite Hair Extensions Clip-in System might be the best options for you. Maybe you want something with a little bit more hold, then T-Hair Tape-in Extensions should be right up your alley. Are you a avid runner, or hot yoga fanatic? The tape-ins may not be the best option and you should try the Classic Organic Bond or the I-Hair I-Tip Extensions for the strongest hold. Your lifestyle is important to finding the right extensions for you. 

Color matching is key!

Cinderella Hair Extensions offers over 76 color options though out their variety of extension types. With so much variety, no one will every know that its not your own hair! Cinderella Hair can also be professionally colored by one of our stylist for that absolutely perfect match. 

Quality is worth it.

Extensions of any kind are an investment, and come with a decent price tag (at least for great ones). Cinderella Hair Extensions are fade free, meaning the the hair color and shine is locked into each hair strand, keeping it vibrant and natural looking. The end of each piece is given a naturally blended look, but you are able to shape the ends of your extensions to match your normal hair style. And as mentioned before, Cinderella Hair is guaranteed to last up to 6 months when properly applied and cared for. 

Maintenance work is a must. 

Scheduling appointments to re-apply your tape-ins or your bonded extensions is a must if you want to keep your hair looking healthy and natural. Each type of extension requires specific care routines that your stylist will go over with you during your consultation, application, and in your “take home” kit. Your “take home” kit will include your at home care instructions, a copy of your extensions contract, proper shampoo, conditioner, and extension brush. 

Let it go, let it go…

Elsa was right when she said “Let it go”. Knowing when its time to say goodbye and when to have your extensions professionally removed is just as important as home care. Scheduling the removal appointment is something that should and will be done at the time of application. We want to protect the hair attached to your lovely head, and the best way to do that is to have an endgame. Clip-ins do not need as much work, but should be removed nightly to avoid breakage as well as the extension themselves. Your stylist will work with you to come up with a schedule for in salon maintenance and removal, and this information will be provided on your contract copy. 

Cinderella Hair Extensions are a great way to make a quick change to your hair, but they do require work and a little bit of dedication. Brush Strokes stylists would love to work with you to find which type of extension is right for you and your lifestyle, so make your consultation appointment today!