I asked our amazing stylists, if you could tell your clients top five things that you would love for them to know, what would you choose? Without holding back, they delivered their lists to me and I complied a list of the ten commonalities between the list.

Please be conscious of the time.
A stylist allocates a specific amount of time for each service that he/she performs. It is important for them to follow this schedule so that they run on time for not only your appointment but for all the other appointments that they have scheduled that day. When your five, ten or even fifteen minutes late, this can really throw their carefully timed schedule off. Please remember, DO NOT PULL A NO-SHOW! It is rude and inconsiderate of your stylist. We completely understand that life happens and sometimes its inevitable but please call to let them know before your scheduled appointment.

You’re probably not going to be able to get your favorite celebrities style.
We love when you have pictures to reference what you like but keep in mind, we are not the same stylists as your favorite celebrity. Another thing to remember, your face shape, hair texture and allover look is going to be different than that celebrity. There are many different aspects to consider when getting a new hairstyle and some of those don’t always fit into your look. Be open minded about some adaptions.

Be specific with what you are wanting.
We do not get offended by you being “nit-picky”, after all, it is your hair. We want you to be happy with your hair and with us! Even when it comes down to saying that you want two inches taken off, show us exactly what two inches means to you. We want there to be no miscommunications when it comes to giving you the look and style that you desire.

Be honest about your hair.
Your the only one that knows the history of your hair! If your not honest about what you’ve had done to your hair, there is a real possibility to major damage, which we would love to avoid. We would love to know if you’ve had any other color applied to your hair before we color it or even if you’ve had any straightening treatments done on your hair. All this information matter!

Put your cell phone down.
The time that you’ve reserved in the salon is supposed to be your relaxing time away from everything else in your life. On top of that very important part to visiting the salon, it can be very difficult to do your hair if your constantly reaching for your phone or when you have your phone super glued to your ear. We need you to sit still and have access to all areas of your head to properly do our job.

We love getting to know our clients – to a point.
It makes the day go by so much faster when you’re having a good time and that includes great conversations. However, sometimes clients can be very open about their lives… We enjoy hearing about your families and all those good things but sometimes clients can go a little to in depth when describing things. Remember, you’re usually not the only person in the salon so keep conversations PG, this includes your language. We don’t want to disrupt anyone’s time in the salon.

The salon is not a daycare.
Just like we love getting to know you, we love getting to know your family; preferably during a service that they are receiving. There are lots of chemicals, hot tools and harmful things in the salon. We can not watch everything going on in the salon and also focus our attention on you, the client. Kids tend to get into things and play with things that aren’t meant to be toys when they get bored. This can result in broken equipment and possible injuries. We want to avoid that with all costs! Leave the kids at home! Visiting the salon should be your getaway, we want you and our other guests to be able to relax while visiting us.

We recommend our products because we believe in them.
First and foremost, you should not want to pay hundreds of dollars to get this amazing color and then go home and wash your hair with a $4 bottle of shampoo. A lot of grocery store brands of hair products have awful ingredients in them that will make your hair dry, damaged and strip your color faster than you would like. We pride ourselves in knowing what your hair needs and we take the time to learn our products so that we can recommend the correct products for you. If you don’t like anything that we’ve recommended, we have no problem exchanging that product for another one.

Your hair is a walking billboard of my work.
Our recommendations for how often you should be getting your color touched up are important. If you go longer than the recommend time, you color is going to look faded or dull and your going to loose the shape in your haircut but also we want your hair to look amazing at all times because that’s our name and our business. Your hair style is a direct reflection of you stylist and if you don’t keep up with your hair, it can reflect badly on us and we rely heavily on referrals to build our business.

If you love my work, tell your friends and family about me!
Stylists rely heavily on referrals from their clients to grow and build their businesses. If you love what we’ve created for you, tell everyone! We love meeting new people especially when they tell us that one of our clients referred them to us. We love you and it makes us feel appreciated when you send family, coworkers or friends our way!