We have always loved Eufora’s products. With their botanical based ingredients and the luxurious way they leave your hair feeling, we have always felt that Eufora products were the best option. Recently, we have decided to take the leap into EuforaColor. So far, we are LOVING it!



Eufora has created an innovative and strategic range of No Ammonia and Low Ammonia shades designed to work effortlessly with each other. EuforaColor system was created to become your one and only color system that you will need to achieve any desired outcome and amazing results every time.

EuforaColor has Micro Pigment Technology which enables the color molecules to link deep into your hair cortex for a lasting color. Micro Pigmentation is used to to protect against cuticle damage for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

Eufora uses proven natural ingredients to set their color line apart from the rest. Legendary, Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Jojoba Oil contains Vitamin E which has natural emollients that help improve shine, softness and moisture retention. Beeswax is a multi functioning natural emollient that provides strength, shine, thickness and volume. All these ingredients help minimize damage and preserve the integrity of your hair and scalp.



ColorElixir with Naoplex Technology is Eufora’s simple way of a two-step system that offers protection through prevention. It gives stylists and clients the confidence to color your hair and achieve multi-levels of lightening, without compromising your hair integrity. With this professional product, used in the correct way by a licensed professional there are proven results. ColorElixir improves oxidation stability and anti-breakage benefits that results in true color tone and no compromise to levels of lift during a highlighting service.

The Brush Strokes team is consistently striving to grow our knowledge and bring the greatest results possible to our clients. We will be having a EuforaColor class to help us better understand the color and give our guests amazing results. More to come…!

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