It’s that time of the year again, when the sun shines bright, temperature rises to 80s and 90s and the pool is officially open.


But, with the pool season, comes the sun. And we know applying sunscreen is not on the forefront of all our minds. but it should be. Not only on this season. A good dermatologist will recommend you wearing sunscreen every day. That’s right: 365 days of sunscreen.

Some may find a bit too much, some don’t see a need. Some think sunscreen is a “summer thing”. We wish it was. But the damages done by the sun come at all times: winter, spring, summer or fall.

We probably just remember about it most on the Summer time because we actually leave the house with the intent of soaking up the rays.The warm, cozy, but very damaging rays.

But as we stumbled upon this post from Marie Claire we felt the need to share it with you. How is it that we know so much about the importance of sunscreen, but still deadly skin cancer cases have doubled over the last three decades?!

Please ready carefully, consider taking steps to avoid the rays, and add sunscreen to your daily routine. We’ve blogged about a few options here. So please, please check it out.

Stay safe!