On the March 2015 edition of Real Simple magazine, they go over the best anti-aging strategies for your skin at every age.

We liked the article so much we thought of sharing it with you! So of course, all credits go to their amazing team as well as the original writer Genevieve Monsma.

According to the article, less is sometimes more with your skin. Having an extensive and complicated routine is the #1 reason why people don’t follow through with it. Keep it simple, but invest in good products – that’s the secret of a great skin care regimen.

They also give you breakdown of what treatments/products you should reach to depending on your age. So we will give you an abbreviated version.


– Your skin has mostly calmed down from all teenage hormone unbalanced, so most won’t have too many problems;

– Your skin still produces plenty of collagen, and any sun damage is still well concealed under your skin’s surface;

– Keep your routine basic, start using anti-aging products as a prevention, and avoid anything that causes damage to the skin: smoking, not washing your face and taking off your makeup, sun.

– Treatments recommended are seasonal facials.



– Focus on preventing fine lines and discoloration due to sun damage;

– Invest in deep cleaning products that can balance your oil production;

– Treatments recommended are chemical peels and botox depending on how accentuated your fine lines are.



– Sun damage will start breaking through the surface of your skin, in the form of brown spots;

– Your sebum production usually declines, so keep your cleanser for only nighttime;

– Anti-aging prevention is still key;

– Treatments recommended are botox/dysport for any existing lines, as well as fillers when needed.



– This is when the collagen production slows down, and skin can start looking saggy;

– The majority of women will start experience menopause or peri-menopause, which has an impact on the skin;

– Load up on products that will boost hydration and collagen production;

– Treatments recommended are laser resurfacing treatments and fraxel laser.



– Your skin care routine shouldn’t change too much;

– Some women notice more sensitivity on their skin;

– Hydrate, Firm and Treat your discoloration are your top concerns;


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