Hi everyone.

One of the biggest changes on your hair routine comes when you decide to switch to a brighter color. Our clients notice a faster fading, and higher maintenance, especially with reds.

There are tons of tips useful for those brighter colors. The most important one we found is to invest in a great shampoo. You wouldn’t believe that difference it makes. If your shampoo has detergents, they will strip your color right off- and all that time and money will literally go down the drain. Our Eufora line has no detergent in its formula, making it ideal to lock your color.

Also, as much as some people consider this to be a myth, we stand by it. Use cold water! Hot water tends to pull  more color, since it opens the cuticles. By washing your hair with colder water, the cuticles will be shut, helping the color to stay longer.

There is also a really nice product by J. Beverly Hills called Fashion Colour. It’s a direct dye that should be applied directly onto the hair for about 25-30 minutes. Our clients love to use it in between their color appointments. It definitely takes their color to the next level by brightening the original color.



The Beauty Department  just came out with 10 best ways to keep your color vibrant. While we believe it’s more important to invest in a good shampoo, they opt for a conditioner. Keep in mind that there are tons of different tips, and they all help. So be sure to check it out and pick the ones that you can incorporate into your routine!



photo by Kristin Ess, via Beauty Department