Summer is in full swing, and we know most of you are still out soaking up every possible day with dips in pools, swims at the beach and getting some sunshine and tan.

With all that sun exposure, chlorine and salt water, your hair is, most likely feeling the effects of summer. The most common complain we’ve been hearing is how their hair is dull, brittle and dry. We know how much of a toll your hair can take in just a couple of months, so we are here today to talk about your Summer Must Have if you are a fellow pool, beach and sun lover.


the Urgent Repair Shampoo.


If there’s one product to invest on, it’s definitely this shampoo. It’s a weekly clarifying and restorative treatment shampoo, that provides healthy hair and scalp benefits. It’s a gentle, non-drying formula that thoroughly removes dulling and damaging build ups caused by metals, chemicals, minerals and environmental pollutants while improving the health of the hair and scalp.

Everyone can actually benefit from this shampoo. If you use a lot of styling or finishing products, if you’re a swimmer, if you’re a beach goer; this shampoo is for you. It detoxifies the hair follicle and scalp leaving behind nourished, healthy hair.

The formula is gentle and low-Ph, so even people with product sensitivities can use it. And it’s first ingredient is Certified Organic Aloe, to impart soothing and healing benefits to hair and scalp. It also is Antioxidant rich, containing a derivative of Litchu Berry, which neutralizes free radicals and photo damage. Thermal Protective benefits aid in eliminating damage caused by UVA, UVB rays and heat styling.

All this is to say that this product should be everyone’s summer staple. If your hair is extremely damaged (be it the sun, or heavy highlighting, or chlorine) you should even go a step further and look into the Urgent Repair Treatment.



It’s a heavy duty conditioning treatment, packed with restructuring proteins that strengthens and restores vibrancy to dry, damaged and color treated hair.

 Our heavily highlighted clients love this treatment and so do we. It’s the perfect nourishing boost that your strands need after all the heat, salt and chlorine, as well as any big color treatments.


What do you do to care for your hair during summer?