Happy Thursday, everyone!


Summer is here, and things have been crazy busy at the salon. We have new products, new services, Eufora came out with their newest line, and we added more facials to our menu!

One of them is the Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial!

The Foaming Enzyme treatment is based on iS Clinical beloved FiSzz Facial, and has the same effervescent properties to smooth, brighten and purify your skin. It delivers immediate and long lasting results, and the treatment is about 45 minutes long.


iS Clinical is known for their 4-step skin care products: Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate & Protect. This system is used in all aspects of skin maintenance, including their facials. Last week we had the pleasure of receiving Thomas Yvanauskas, our skin care specialist in the salon. He demonstrated iS Clinical’s Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial.

The Facial starts by thoroughly cleansing your face with their Cleansing Complex, – a great source of salicylic acid. Next, we treat the skin with a masque – applied and massaged onto the skin. The type of masque varies depending on what concerns the guest expresses. Some are looking for a firming masque, whereas others want a calming masque to aid them with their skin condition.

The next step is the Foaming Enzyme Treatment, which works wonders on resurfacing your skin, breaking through dead skin cells and making way for beautiful, smooth, radiant looking skin.

It’s always important to moisturize and protect your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays, so the Facial ends with a nice layering of Reparative Moisturizer and Sunscreen.

Immediately after the facial we could see great skin improvement. It was brighter, smoother, and with a lot more hydration and plumpness. It is always recommended that you follow up by using great products on your daily skin care routine.


Stay tuned for great facial deals on our salon, and call us anytime to make your appointment!