Following up on our last post, we talking about ways to minimize frizz.


A lot of clients have the belief that frizz is only noticeable on curly hair. That’s not entirely true. Curly hair, by nature, is drier, so curly hair actually takes moisture from the air to get hydrated. But even your straight haired gals have it too – especially if your hair is fine, frizz probably isn’t an uncommon visitor.


There are lots of products and treatments in the market that promise to get rid of frizz. Some of them truly do help, and some will just cake on products and weight your hair down. There are definitely a few tips that you can do at home to prevent frizz:


– Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Yup, that is not just fiction. Silk will make your hair glide on it during the night, whereas cotton tends to be rougher, and your strands get caught on it. You’ll wake up with a tamer head of hair just by switching your pillowcase.


– Ditch the towel. And no Turban Style Wrap! Yes, it’s true. Ditch your towel for either a microfiber towel, or even a cotton t-shirt. Also, instead of vigorously drying it, pat your hair dry. This won’t disturb the strands, and won’t stimulate frizz. Specially with curly hair you want to maintain the natural shape of your curl, so patting – not rubbing – will do the trick.


Moisture, Moisture! We said it briefly, but your hair, if dry, will end up sucking moisture from the air. So inevitably, you’ll be left with a ton of frizz if you’re not hydrating your strands enough. For curly hair gals, you should definitely invest on a line designed for your curly strands. They deliver the most moisture and repair the most damage.

We definitely recommend Eufora’s Curl’n line, with Certified Organic Aloe, tomato fruit ferment extract, Abyssinian oil, moringa oil and Stearoyl Co-Desaturate (an enzyme) that work together to improve elasticity, hydrate the strands, and control frizz. If your hair isn’t curly, you can go for any hydrating/ smoothing line. Again, Eufora came out with the Smooth’n line, with natural oils (moringa, Abyssinian, safflower and olive oil), Shea butter, certified aloe Vera, soybean, marshmallow roots extract and soy protein that together soften the strands, deliver moisture, enhance shine and most importantly, nourish the outer layer of the cuticle, decreasing the frizz.


You may ask: I do it all. I use good products, oils, masks, and nothing works. There’s hope! There are, as we mentioned, treatments that will help with smoothing your hair.


Keratin Treatment: This smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.

Cezanne Perfect Finish: if you’re all about avoiding chemicals, this is the treatment to look for. It is glycolic based, containing zero formaldehyde. There are no fumes, and it’s safe for both the stylist and yourself. Your hair will improve with each new application, to become smooth, sleek, shiny, and resistant to frizz and breakage. Results usually last 3 – 4 months, depending on the hair type. An added perk: you can wash it within 24hs of the treatment!


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