Happy Wednesday, everyone!

With the weather getting warmer, all Spring music festivals are getting ready to start – We have our own here in town, Friday Night Live, which is amazing and a lot of local business are sponsors, so if you’re in the area, check it out! They have a variety of bands playing and are also very family friendly!


But anyway, we know how those festivals are the perfect way to put your bohemian style to use after so many months of covering it up. We’ve been browsing and came across quite a few to share with you. Please check them out, we’ve linked the sources bellow each picture, so be sure to check it out!


1. Boho Roll and tuck



found on Pinterest, via Bloom


2. Tuck and roll w/ Headband


found on Pinterest, source unknown


3. Side Braid


found on Pinterest, via PopSugar (there is a step by step video!)


4. Small Braided Half-do


found on Pinterest, via Beauty Fashion Idea


5. Invest on a Headband


found on Pinterest, via Become Gorgeous



5. Side Detailed Braid


found on Pinterest, via All Women Stalk


Don’t be thrown off by the length of the hair on most pictures. Most of them can be replicated even with short hair. We know braids never go out of style, and it’s fun to work with them.

Let us know if you’re going to any festivals/ concerts, so have fun experimenting with adding a headband (we feel like tucking a bit of the hair around the headband is what gives you that boho look), creating some texture (if you have curly hair, it’s your time to shine and put the flat iron down).


Send us pictures if you try any of them!