Hi everyone,

what a gorgeous day it is, outside! We are really busy in the salon with all the spring looks, but we are loving all the sunshine!

This time of the year is when the calls starting coming in. Bridal season is one of the most joyful times of the year for a stylist. You get to be part of someone’s story on their most special day. We absolutely love it, and we make sure to treat our brides with care, letting them know they can count 110% on us to deliver their perfect look.

Since we are getting so many calls,we felt it’d be appropriate to give out a few tips about your look of the day.


1. Be you – and be comfortable!

So many people think the bride has to have the tallest bouffant with the whole can of hairspray to be able to stand out on that day. It’s a myth! Lately, we’ve been seeing brides who are sticking true to their style, going for an easy up-do, or even half-do, with no fuss.

And trust us, there is absolutely NO way a bride won’t stand out on her wedding day. The hair is there to compliment you, not to be the look. It has to work with your gown, with your head piece (if you’re wearing any) and with your own style.

Also pay attention to the placement of your hair-do. If there are any bobby pins digging at your scalp that make you uncomfortable, let the stylist know as soon as she/he places it. It’s easier to change something you just did then wait until the end.


2. Pick your accessories in advance!

When browsing for your look in one of the million bridal magaiznes/sites be mindful of any head pieces you will want. You may fall in love with a style that won’t necessarily work with a veil, but there is always something the stylist can change to accommodate that.

We have a few accessories in the salon that we sometimes add to one of our trials. It just shows the bride a different twist on her look that she may not have though of. Sometimes it’s that littlest rhinestone flower that transforms your up-do.

Let the salon know if you’re planning on having any accessories/veil and bring them with you on your trial if you do have them already.


3. Enjoy the process!

Find a salon that will give you the peace of mind you need. The bride usually has so many things on her mind, the last thing she needs is to worry about whether she is happy with her look, or if the stylists will show up on the day of.

We can’t talk about other salons, but we try to make sure the bride will feel welcome, peaceful and most of all happy on her wedding day. We call, we email, we leave messages, we do all we can to ease the bride’s mind and let her know we are on board with the planning.


4. Invest on a hair/makeup trial!

We also truly encourage the bride to come in for a hair trial. And the trial shouldn’t be done over a month away from the wedding. We find that brides tend to doubt themselves and the style they chose if there’s a long gap between the trial and her wedding day.

A trial will insure you that the style you looked at works for you and on your hair, and will make you THAT much more excited for the day of! As I mentioned if you do have accessories on you we can make sure on the placement of them, we can know how to work around having a veil for the ceremony but not for the reception, and all other details that need to be looked at.

Most of our brides just come in for their hair trial, but we also can have a makeup trial. If you are even a little unsure of how it’s going to look like, book one. We’ve found it’s better to cross that worry off your list.


5. Think of wants/needs.

Most salons offer to travel to your venue if you need them to. And they all charge differently if they have to leave the salon. Ask for all the price differences, ask for schedules, and try to know in advance what will work best for you.

If you’re having a weekend wedding at your venue, chances are you’re looking to hire stylists that can come to you. Depending on your wedding day, prices can also vary.

We all know weddings are expensive, but brides and families have to be mindful of the stylists time as well. When leaving the salon, stylists not only give up having clients for a long time (getting to the venue, styling the bride/party, driving back) but they also have to make sure they take all tools with them. That’s why you can expect to be charged more if you need a stylist to come.

If you think you want a trial, ask about them. Many salons already have in the up-do quote the fee for the trial. Others charge a percentage of the final quote to do a trial (it can vary anywhere from 30% -50%).


And finally, find a stylist you really like. Having an open line of communication will guarantee that your expectations on how you want your hair to look like will be met, and also that your stylist will be honest about whether the look will work for your type of hair and your length as well.


Well, there you have it! These are our top tips for brides. Feel free to comment, or call us at the salon to know about our bride specials and quotes!