Hi, everyone!

The hair industry has come a long way with products and treatments, and we get closer to safer treatments every day. One of them is the Keratin Treatment.

At first it was a blessing, calming down the frizz and smoothing your hair. Most clients didn’t even complain too much about the smell, because results were amazing. Unfortunately, it was later noted that most of them contained higher levels of formaldehyde than the FDA deemed safe.

Cezanne Perfect Finish is the latest of treatments to shy away from this substance. It uses sodium sulfite, which is a food-grade preservative as a smoothing agent, instead.

It’s a great new system, and it’s priced the same as the normal treatment. It’s good for the hair and you won’t get the watery eyes and fumes of the previous treatments.

This new system is highlighted on Doctor Oz’s Magazine, on the Health + Happiness section of the upcoming edition, so don’t forget to check it out! And we are excited to share that we are now offering the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment at Brush Strokes, as well as some of their hair products! So call us to book your service and experience a safer option for you Keratin!