Hi, everyone. Is it just us, or is everyone just tired of winter?


Lately we’ve gotten a real head-start on Spring Cleaning (we will pretend it’s already Spring, k?). But truth be told, we feel like this year is already going by too fast – though until Spring actually gets here, the year isn’t going fast enough (does it make sense?)

Well, while normal people – and not our beauty obsessed bunch – are gearing towards a lot of spring cleaning plans, we are looking out for Spring changes. Changes in color, in the cut. Out with the old, in with the new – hair!

We are always trying something new – and it doesn’t have to be completely out of the box, either. Small variations of your tone can add a new look to you!

Now, if it’s your first time getting your hair colored, there are 3 really good points to consider.


1. Be clear on your expectations: it’s important to know, even prior to going into the salon, whether you want to be blond, brunette or a redhead. Always consult with your stylist to know what you can expect from the color, and ask them whether a cool or warm tone would work best with your skin and eyes.

2. Up keeping:  let your stylist know about your lifestyle and routine. Let them know how often you want to/can come to the salon. Some clients are after low-maintenance colors, and 8-12 weeks in between visits to the salon. Others don’t mind coming in more frequently.

3. Maintenance of color: coloring your hair is an investment. To prolong the life of your color (preventing it from fading) we greatly recommend investing in a good shampoo/conditioner combo. In our eyes, why would you pay for a great color line, and strip your hair by washing it with products containing petrochemicals? It’s best to invest in good products to maintain not only your color, but also your scalp and hair’s health.

We are true believers of the Eufora line. It uses advanced plant technology, is based on organic Aloe Vera gel, and the highest quality botanical ingredients. We notice a huge difference in our clients’ hair health when they use Eufora products, and cannot stress how greatly the products work!


Any questions? Let us know by commenting bellow or on our facebook page! And if you have any other tips, share it as well!